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  • 1. INNOVATION IN VIRTUAL WORLDS:Social Structure and Diffusion Niamh O RiordanFrdric AdamPhilip OReillyBusiness Information Systems University College Cork IrelandFull paper available at:

2. Agenda Virtual Worlds Innovation A Knowledge Creation Lens A Social Network Perspective Research Objective and Questions Conceptual Framework Investigating the Framework 3. Virtual Worlds Important histories v. new departures Limited research on Defining virtual worlds: Virtual worlds ~ Virtual environments ~ Virtual reality Virtual worlds are not games Virtual worlds are not channels for communication A new definition Virtual worlds are shared, interactive, immersive environments where people can collaborate, communicate, innovation, and trade 4. Innovation An idea, practice, object or materialProcessVarianceartifact that is perceived as new byan individual or other unit of adoption CreativeIndividuale.g. Creativity Economically valuable Shortcomings of the literature Lack of integration Groupe.g. Brain Storming Spark of genius ??? Co-evolution of innovationsOrganization A Knowledge Creation Lens A Social Network Perspective 5. Knowledge CreationSource: Nonaka, Toyama, and Byosiere in Handbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge (2001) 6. Research Objective & QuestionsRO To Investigate Knowledge Creation in Virtual Worlds RQ1 How does knowledge creation take place in virtual worlds? RQ2 How do virtual worlds impact knowledge creation in them? RQ3 How do virtual worlds impact social network topographies? RQ4 How do virtual worlds social networks* impact knowledgecreation in them?* The topographical and compositional features of 7. Conceptual Framework 8. Propositions RQ2 P(1) Virtual worlds positively influence socialization P(2) Virtual worlds positively influence externalization P(3) Virtual worlds positively influence combination P(4) Virtual worlds positively influence internalization RQ3 P(5) Virtual worlds positively impact social capital P(6) Virtual worlds positively impact knowledge resources RQ4 P(7) Social network constructs positively influence socialization P(8) Social network constructs positively influence internalization P(9) Social network constructs positively influence combination P(10) Social network constructs positively influence externalization 9. Investigating the Framework Three Stage Approach1. Archival Analysis2. Case Study3. Survey 10. Thank You Questions Suggestions