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  • Insight from the August 9th,2016 #ICMIchat

    Topic: Measuring & ImprovingCustomer Satisfaction

    Host: @JeremyHyde_

  • Q1: How do you define customersatisfaction? Is it different from


  • Delight is the unexpected.Satisfaction means the

    customer only feels they gotwhat they paid for.

    J U L I E R O D R I G U E Z | @ J U L I E M R O D R I G U E Z

  • Satisfaction pays the bills. It setsthe stage for reliability. Delight

    should be a rare exception becauseit changes expectations.

    A L H O P P E R | @ A L H O P P E R _

  • Flip a light switch:Lights on = expected. Not


    J E F F T O I S T E R | @ T O I S T E R

    Lights on + surpriseparty = delight.

    Lights not on =Frustrating.

  • Q2: Which metrics do you use togauge customer satisfaction? How

    did you choose them?

  • According to ICMI research, CSAT ismost common. But 82% of customers

    say ease of experience is the bestindicator.

    E R I C A M A R O I S | @ E R I C A M A R O I S

  • Customer effort is a farbetter indicator of loyalty

    than customer delight.

    N A T E B R O W N | @ C U S T O M E R I S F I R S T

  • The WAY you measure & howyou act on data may be more

    important than the actualmetric.

    J E R E M Y H Y D E | @ J E R E M Y H Y D E _

  • Q3: Whats the best way tointerpret & use customer

    satisfaction data to improve thecustomer experience?

  • Be sure to gather both qualitativeand quantitative data. Some

    metrics are better expressed inwords than numbers.

    N E X T C A L L E R | @ N E X T C A L L E R

  • It's more painful & humbling but look at big,unexpected gaps in CSAT between scores you

    expected or had & what you've got now.

    L E S L I E O ' F L A H A V A N | @ L E S L I E O

  • Don't ignore outliers, but don't focus toomuch time on them either. They may

    represent a silent many, or they may bealone.

    E V A N W A T S O N | @ E V E N W A T S O N

  • Q4: What are the componentsof a great customer

    satisfaction survey?

  • The survey should be simple,short, and straight-forward.

    Only focus on (and occurright after) the interaction at

    hand.P A T R I C K R U S S E L L | @ P A T R I C K _ S A A S

  • 1. Make it easy.2. Don't ask questions you know the

    answer to.3. Ask for opinion, not fact.

    J E F F T O I S T E R | @ T O I S T E R

  • CSAT surveys should bebrief, timely, and fielded

    in the customers channelof choice.

    E R I C A M A R O I S | @ E R I C A M A R O I S

  • Q5:What are somenontraditional questions youd

    like to see in a customersurvey?

  • Choose the word that describes your

    experience today.Disappointed. Satisfied.


    N E X T C A L L E R | @ N E X T C A L L E R

  • How does our servicecompare to your ideal

    service experience? Whatcould we do to make it

    more ideal?

    E R I C A M A R O I S | @ E R I C A M A R O I S

  • Q6: How do you build a customer-centric culture?

  • Treat your employees welland make them happy,

    then invite them to be partof making customers


    P A T R I C K R U S S E L L | @ P A T R I C K _ S A A S

  • Build a customer-centricculture by expecting &

    allowing agents to makedecisions on customers'


    L E S L I E O ' F L A H A V A N | @ L E S L I E O

  • Share stories of goodcustomer service with the

    team. Choose KPIs thatsupport the culture you

    want to create.

    G I S E L L E H O W A R D | @ H O W A R D _ G H O W A R D

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