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  • The way of business solutions


    10COMPANIES 2016


    OUTSOURCING The Big Technology Ride:

    What it Means for Business

    Transformation and the Shift!

    Mr. Paramjit Anand Acreaty

    RFID - The NextBig Thing

    Mr. Nishant Kumar Dean,

    Mr. Somya Jayaswal

    eco tracksys July 2016

    Social Media Engagements: Living Up to Customer


    Chetan Pathak Tectura India

    Will OutsourcingContinue to Grow

    in the Coming Years?

    Future OutsourcingTrends

    Software Outsourcing

    Issues and Blunders

    Ascent Consulting:Unique HR Delivery Solutions Unique HR Delivery Solutions

    Chalk Talk


    Behind the Scenes

    Enterprise Mobility Challenges - IWORKTECHs


    Interview with Insights Success

    Subramanyam SFounder & CEO

  • utsourcing has its own influence and no one can flout this

    Ofact. Enlarging feet of globalization and technologies have simplified the business and now no one lingers in outsourcing their work to others. Cost effectiveness as well as the workspace is increased due to outsourcing process.

    Nevertheless, impacts of outsourcing can be seen on the entire world as it has become a special benefit for many developing countries. There are several multinationals that are outsourcing their needs to various companies located in these countries. Unexpectedly, such advantages have enhanced the importance of outsourcing in the business world and consequently, almost each and every business has its grit in the form of outsourcing.

    Essentially, outsourcing service is an advancement of the tralatitious style of managing business including varied versions of businesses contracting out. In the process of outsourcing, an organization works with pellucid smattering of needs and its proper execution. It helps an organization in amassing virtuous solutions as well as availing it on a much reduced cost and this is known as an aggressive mode of business process.

    Outsourced working style has absolutely changed the procedure of delivery; however contracting out of work has much to handle with efficiency and accuracy as organizations are now tendering towards solutions that are done with fidelity. Services of outsourcing also help in availing skilled and expert services and specifically getting a facility designed by an expert. For instance, if there is a need for a solution with an exceptional efficiency then one can outsource the need to an SME and get the service which they are looking for.

    Furthermore, outsourcing helps in relishing the latest trends of businesses, in order to offer contentment to clients; organizations keep on adapting the newer form of working style and accordingly offers the services too. It also helps in complacency a service that is efficient as well as ahead of time. So outsource your need, if looking for a much professional service.



    of Outsourcing


    Charlie Gupta

  • Cover Story

    CXO Standpoint


    Mr. Paramjit AnandExecutive Director


    Atul GunjalCEO


    Subramanyam SFounder & CEO

    Chalk TalkWill Outsourcing

    Continue to Growin the Coming Years?



    Behind the ScenesSoftware Outsourcing

    Issues &Blunders

    Nishant DeanFounder

    Director & CTO

    Somya JayaswalCo Founder









    32Chetan Pathak

    Executive Vice PresidentTectura India


    Interview withInsights Success

    eco tracksys

  • Adarsh Prasad J VConsystent Infotech

    Siddharth SamelWeb Research Services

    Naveen GulatiOpen Mind

    Sarbajit DasSun Dew Solutions

    Nitin KhandelwalIntero Solutions

    Mitesh GandhiMarconix


    10COMPANIES 2016





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  • ecently, a lot of businesses Ropportunities have been brought up through outsourcing for various countries. Over the years, India has created a niche for itself in IT and ITES outsourcing. Perhaps, India is the biggest beneficiary of the outsourcing boom. When it comes to outsourcing, a large majority of IT companies prefer to choose India due to the presence of multi-talented pool of reliability, affordable resources, and timeliness.

    A Brief Recap of How Outsourcing Started Today, outsourcing has definitely revolutionized how industries operate. When it first started, it was confined to low-risk functions like data entry and payroll processing. Later on a large scale, customer service operations were outsourced.

    This led outsourcing cost benefits spearheaded and organizations have started taking notice of it. Global companies started outsourcing high-end functions like healthcare BPO, IT services, and research services to reliable companies who previously wanted to leverage the cost benefits of outsourcing. Nowadays outsourcing is no longer seems to be a new word only for the low cost labor rather it has become a key business strategy for both small and large business enterprises.

    Debate - To Outsource or NotWhile most organizations across the industry verticals vow by the pros of outsourcing, the outsourcing debate continues over its long-term sustainability. Many opponents of outsourcing argue that the flip side of outsourcing lacks quality control as well as hold on the project management, and also it lowers the innovation prospects. Many outsourcing critics point out that rise in salary, outsourcing destinations like India, is taking the shine away from outsourcing and thus making it non-profitable in the long run.

    Despite perceiving such negative aspects, still outsourcing has only continued to grow. In fact, it is now being embraced by companies of all sizes and domains. From large enterprises to startups, outsourcing has become a tool of choice for gaining competitive advantage in the business framework. Although businesses are moving towards multiple platforms like social, mobile, cloud etc., stakeholders are getting distributed geographically; in such a contrasting environment, outsourcing has been able to appropriately adjust with the rapidly changing business environments.

    Till now only crux business situations have helped to build the case for outsourcing further. Testimony to the

    fact that businesses not only need to learn how to survive during a downturn is due to the recent global economic crisis, but also there is a need to look at newer ways of overcoming weak economic conditions. The current business scenario is all about outsource and survive, and systematically managing your projects of outsourcing and always staying ahead in the competition.

    Foreseeing the Future Trends of OutsourcingAs outsourcing provides companies the access to specialized skills and saves on effort and time, outsourcing will continue to survive in the future and can be channeled into the other core business ventures. Relationships of outsourcing are now more standardized, and it is process and people driven rather than price driven.

    Cost pressures will pave the way for custom outsourcing contracts. A higher adoption of outsourcing will be witnessed by small businesses and startups in order to increase their time to market and reduce the operational inefficiencies. Also, R&D outsourcing in these industries will also tap into the wider outsourcing potential of India. Additionally, in the next decade, high-end critical business functions will be outsourced while low-end services will be stabilized.




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  • Cover Story

    Subramanyam SFounder & CEO

  • Cover Story

    Ascent Consulting:Unique HR

    Delivery Solutions

    Human Resource Practice has been a very dynamic and ever growing repertoire of knowledge and keeping oneself updated with that is a daunting task. Likewise, People Management is a key business function that has direct impact on competitiveness, efficiency of operations, and long-term profitability of an organization. Which is why, organizations have been investing enormous time and resources in the HR function, which diverts focus from the organizations core business.

    To keep pace with the ongoing changes and also to refresh oneself on certain fundamental issues, Ascent Consulting Services provides this information in a simple and lucid way. They are continuously striving to keep this information updated and useful to every professional engaged in People Practice.

    Inception and Growth Story Headquartered in Bangalore, Ascent Consulting Services precisely addresses this anomaly through its 360 degree HR Management Solutions that transform the HR service delivery. While these solutions accomplish cost reduction, greater efficiencies and improved quality, their larger effort is aimed at improving organizational efficiency and not just creating incremental change.

  • Ascent has achieved t

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