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  1. 1. TOUCH everywhere READ anywhere
  2. 2. ///1 CAMPUS EMPRENDELIBRO 12 JUNIO 2015 The current systems for reading digital comics in our desktops or tablets are unsuitable to comics structure and dont offer an added value to the reading experience. Indeed, they have become a detriment to the digital-book business. ///PROBLEM
  3. 3. IC maintains the general view of the page and introduces simple touch events and animations that are consistent with the structure and semantics of comic books. ///2 CAMPUS EMPRENDELIBRO 12 JUNIO 2015 Just a >touch< and that layer of information resizes to be distinguished. A second >touch< and the active panels scales back to its first state. But the complete page remains visible always. ///SOLUTION
  4. 4. According to recent analysis, the demand for comic and graphic novel has experimented a raise, just as the digital world is increasingly growing. ///3 CAMPUS EMPRENDELIBRO 12 JUNIO 2015 It is highly innovative and has a good potential for internationalization. This reading system applies to other images which integrate text. ///STRENGTHS
  5. 5. ///CONTACT DETAILS Mara Gonzlez @ellalovetodo Mara Gonzlez de Ozaeta Thank you!! *o/*