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  • 1. Inspiration forFilm PosterEmma Dempsey

2. The Bone CollectorMy group and I like the layout of this film poster as it includes the two main charactersand places them in such a way that it presents their relationship to the audience; theyappear to have formed a united front against the unseen antagonist. This is shownthrough their positions; they are standing close together and appear to be looking at thesame thing suggesting they have a common goal in mind. The poster also includes anaction shot at the bottom, it is of the character Amelia Donaghy searching a railway linewith a torch and light, this suggests she is investigating the murders with the help ofLincoln Rhyme, played by Denzel Washington. The colours used suggest that thecharacters are being lit by a candles light or some kind of naked flame, this suggests thetheme of mystery and uncovering secrets, therefore presenting the poster as apsychological thriller. 3. ChloeSimilarly to our film Eve, the producers of Chloe have named their film after themain character. However, the focus of the poster is not on the protagonist but theantagonist. My group and I like the idea of having an extreme close up and making thefilm poster highly cryptic however, we would really love to feature both the protagonistand the antagonist in our poster. The photo of Chloe has had its contrast and brightnessincreased suggesting extreme exposure to light and introducing the idea of secrecy anduncovering it. 4. AwakeSimilarly to The Bone Collector, this poster includes an action shot of thecharacter Clay Beresford on the operating table with the possible antagonistsaround him. The character of Sam Lockwood is in the foreground suggestingthat she is the protagonist, her husband is in the background, looking down atthe operating table suggesting a supernatural element to the film. My group andI like the contrast of dark and light and think the mystery that surrounds theposter causes it to be extremely intriguing. 5. The Girl with the Dragon TattooMy group and I like the layout of this poster as it displays both protagonists.However, the way in which it is presented causes the audience to question therelationship between the two characters featured. Placing the character of MikaelBlomkvist in the foreground looking directly at the camera suggests he is the mainprotagonist and is unaware of the presence of Lisbeth Salander who is positioned ina profile shot. The profile shot suggests Lisbeth is somehow an echo of Mikael andpresents the film as a psychological thriller. The colours used suggest a forebodingatmosphere or the theme of secrecy as the grey background is reminiscent of fog ormist. At the bottom of the poster, a shot of a house covered in snow is used, thissuggests the main setting of the film or the source of the mystery the protagonist istrying to uncover. 6. Chiaroscuro lightingMany of these film posters use an effect called Chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro in artis "an Italian term which literally means light-dark. Chiaroscuro lighting is anartistic term dating back to the Renaissance that is noted by the contrast betweendark and light. It is often used in a bold manner so that it has a noticeable anddramatic effect on the entire composition of a work. Many psychologicalthrillers use this technique in their film posters because the contrast betweenlight and dark creates a sense of mystery and obscurity, it also adds clear tonalcontrasts which are often used to suggest the volume and modelling of thesubjects depicted.