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A2 short film The Game Plan, inspirations


Inspiration for Short Film:

My first inspiration came from Taken (2009). Taken was my first inspiration because I loved the action and quick tempo shots used by Pierre Morel the director, thought that he did a great job and that the variety of shots used in the action scenes was great especially the scene on the boat. The plot was very intriguing and I thought that the quick tempo beat of the film really caught the viewers eyes especially mine. This gave me the idea to create something with a quick tempo as well as something that would keep the audience appealed to the short film. I also thought that the action scenes were great and that I could try and replicate a similar one at the beginning of my short film with Lucas Rossi who plays Jack.

My second inspiration came from Goodfellas (1990). This is because I thought that the overall plot was amazing and compelling. I loved how the filmed focused around 3 characters and how each one was very different and how each character had an interesting background as well as specific characteristics. For example how Joe Pesci got angry very easily and could become very violent. This is where the inspiration of my three different characters come from and I like how Goodfellas focuses on the main three characters much like mine. Furthermore I love the overall plot of the film and how they are mobsters which makes it very entertaining to watch especially the intimate scenes when it is just them three at the bar or the restaurant,.