inspire 2015 - voya & experian: voya's digital journey to engage the always-on consumer

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1. #inspire15 Voyas Digital Journey to Engage the Always-On Consumer Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Christine Frohlich, Director, Product Management, Experian Marketing Services George DeVarennes, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, Voya 2. #inspire15 Company Snapshot 10,000+ clients in 30 countries Global segmentation of 2.2bn consumers Intelligent interactions. Every time. Experian Marketing Services 3. #inspire15 Overview The always-on consumer Consumers path to purchasing insurance Harnessing insights to drive personalization Voyas story Marketing lessons & implications 4. #inspire15 Meet the Always-On Consumer Website visit Email Mobile Ad PurchaseDirect Mail Facebook TV commercial 5. #inspire15 To Find The average person can be expected to move a dozen times in their life has at least 3 email accounts at least 2 social media accounts and nearly 2 mobile phones Customer is harder to find 6. #inspire15 Current Building personal and compliant experiences Delivering omnichannel engagement Optimizing online presence to simplify consumer research and purchase process Emerging Discovering consumers expectations and preferences Driving relevance with known insights to achieve engagement Understanding how to build engagement in social media Challenges for the Insurance Marketers 7. #inspire15 The Path to Purchase: Offline & Online Touch points Consumer preferences Prefer digital resources Price shopping Policy comparisons Accessing information Prefer agents Answering questions Instilling confidence Quality Advice Life Insurance Customers Worldwide Who Prefer Physical1 vs. Digital2 Channels for Performing Insurance-Related Activities, 2012 % of respondents Physical channels1 Digital Channels2 Answering questions 51% 13% Instilling trust and confidence 49% 11% Receiving quality advice 47% 14% Providing convenience 45% 23% Providing easy-to-understand information 39% 19% Providing quick service 38% 24% Receiving independent/objective advice 37% 20% Finding the best rate/price 29% 30% Comparing policies and services 27% 32% Accessing information 23% 34% Note: respondents who indicated a strong preference for each channel; 1 agents/brokers/banks 2 internet/mobile Source: Capgemini, 2012 Insurance voice of the Customer survey as cited by Capgemini and Efma, World Insurance Report 2013, Feb 27, 2013 8. #inspire15 The Path to Purchase: Online & social for research #inspire15 9. #inspire15 71% 66% 61% 49% 44% 59% 59% #1 Marketing Priority Personalization Marketers Worldwide Who Believe Personalizing Marketing Is a High Priority for the Future of Their Industry, May 2013 % of respondents Retail/commerce Telecom Utilities Financial services/insurance Health/life services Consumer products Other Total Source: Teradata,2013 Teradata Data-driven Marketing Survey, August 5, 2013 10. #inspire15 Two audiences both in market for life insurance What do they look like? How do I engage them? Best insurance prospects in market now Families Matter Most Balance & Harmony 11. #inspire15 Families Matter Most 12. #inspire15 Creative & Messaging: Value & Necessity A B C D Show the savings Feature bonus elements Product Comparisons 13. #inspire15 Balance & Harmony: 14. #inspire15 Creative & Messaging: Endorsements & Status Celebrity testimonials High End Lifestyles Luxury brands & icons 15. #inspire15 Voya: Getting personal Data-driven approach to audience segmentation 16. #inspire15 Company Snapshot 13+ million customers 6,500+ employees Retirement readiness for America Americas Retirement CompanyTM Get to know 17. #inspire15 Use Cases Refining Segmentation Online Content Optimization Social Media Engagement Strategies Overview 18. #inspire15 Identify: Whos our customer? How do we best reach them? Keep focus on customer Refining Segmentation 19. #inspire15 Next Steps What did we learn about our customers? How do we apply our learnings across teams/groups at Voya? Refining Segmentation 20. #inspire15 Retirement Investments Objective Increase click rates Strategies Personalize messaging A/B testing Measure results Online Content Optimization 21. #inspire15 Before Online Content Optimization 22. #inspire15 After Online Content Optimization 23. #inspire15 Overview Social Media 24. #inspire15 Insurance Solutions Objective Increase social media engagement Strategies Create customer profiles Develop targeted messaging Deploy messaging via social Social Media 25. #inspire15 #BornToSave Campaign Social Media 26. #inspire15 The Results Using data to drive decisions Customer at center of it all In Conclusion 27. THANK YOU! #inspire15


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