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    December 2015 THE MESSENGER

    I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E :

    Jeff Wilson Accepts Scholarship 2

    Grandparents & Special Friends Day


    Betty Staley Coming to AWS 3

    Parent Society News 3

    End of Year Gifting 3

    Financial Aid 4

    Orchids on Campus 4

    Scrip for the Holidays 4

    AWSNA News 4

    Bleachers Thank Yours 4

    Waldorf Educational Resources 4

    Juniper Tree Store 5

    Crafts for All Ages * Delicious Food

    Live Entertainment * Vendor Market * Flying Fox Ride

    Pocket Lords & Ladies * Walking Stick Carving * Box Maze

    Puppetry * Dragons Back * Raffle Gift Baskets

    Juniper Tree Store Sales . . .

    And Much More!





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    Dearest Parents,

    Invitations have been mailed and we

    have already received many responses!

    For those of you whove missed the RSVP

    deadline of November 27th, fear not!

    Were extending the deadline to Friday,

    December 4th. Please be sure to let us

    know which of your loved ones to expect

    for what is sure to be a lovely morning

    filled with family and fun.

    To RSVP, please email the Main Office at

    or call 512-288-5942 ext. 100

    We look forward to welcoming you

    and your family to this wonderful




    9th grade that Jeff began play-

    ing golf for the school. That

    year, he was the first AWS

    student to participate in the

    TAPPS State Golf Champion-

    ship, placing fourth. The fol-

    lowing two years, under Jeffs

    leadership as swing coach,

    the AWS golf team qualified

    for the TAPPS State Champion-

    ship, placing third each year.

    As a freshman and sopho-

    more, Jeff co-designed and led

    the high school golf elective

    that provided a terrific train-

    ing opportunity for AWS team


    Texas is known for a very

    competitive junior golf com-

    munity. Hence, Jeff has had

    much experience honing his

    skills alongside some of the

    best junior golfers in the

    country. For three years, Jeff

    has competed in Southern

    Texas PGA (STPGA) and Texas

    Junior Golf Tour (TJGT) tour-

    naments throughout Texas.

    Jeff is also a member of the

    American Junior Golf Associa-

    tion (AJGA), a prestigious jun-

    ior golf organization staging

    golf tournaments nation-wide.

    Playing well in an AJGA tourna-

    ment means being seen by

    hundreds of college golf


    Jeffs primary goal this past

    summer was to turn in multi-

    ple below-par tournament

    rounds (aka: red number

    rounds). He met his goal with

    a (71-74 -71) in the TJGT TX.

    JR. Masters/JR. World Qualifi-

    er; two top-ten AJGA finishes

    (78- 73-68) and (71-73-70);

    and a top five STPGA finish

    (74-70). After watching Jeff

    play in two AJGA tournaments

    in Maryland, George Masons

    head golf coach, Scott King,

    said, Hes consistent and

    calm. I like that!

    Instrumental in Jeffs devel-

    opment and continued pro-

    gress is his swing coach, John

    Sosa a former top ranking

    player at UT and professional

    golfer, and now the Director of

    Instruction at River Place

    Country Club. Also, Ted

    Gleason, of Road to College

    Golf, has been an invaluable

    coach and mentor behind

    Jeffs efforts to navigate the

    competitive world of junior

    golf. Recently, Jeff has come

    almost full circle with his

    first coach. In September, he

    started earning community

    service hours as a teaching

    assistant with Mr. Whitman

    working to shape another gen-

    eration of Texas junior golfers.



    In a special ceremony on

    November 11th in the Austin

    Waldorf School gym, senior

    Jeff Wilson (Class 2016)

    signed his National Letter of

    Intent and committed to play

    golf for George Mason Uni-

    versity in Fairfax, Virginia.

    The ceremony was attended

    by the entire high school,

    Jeffs parents, Jim and Mary,

    sister Molly (via Facetime!),

    several long time neighbors,

    and two golf coaches. Jeff is

    the second AWS student to

    commit to play NCAA Divi-

    sion-1 athletics. Jeff has

    been awarded an athletic

    scholarship and will pursue

    a degree at the George Ma-

    son School of Business.

    At the ceremony, Austin

    Waldorf Schools Athletic

    Director Erik Olson spoke of


    To achieve this dream, Jeff

    has spent thousands of

    hours dedicated to improv-

    ing his skills and he is now

    the two-time defending State

    Champion in TAPPS golf. The

    is also an excellent student

    and has played multiple

    sports. For six years he has

    been an amazing quarter-

    back leading us to five

    championships and a 50-3

    record. Last year, he was a

    TAPPS All-State player on our

    Final Four basketball team.

    More importantly, Jeff is a

    good friend, brother, and


    In fifth grade, Jeff started

    his golf training at Greyrock

    Golf Club under teaching-

    pro, Brandon Whitman. Ini-

    tially, he participated in Grey-

    rocks Interclub Junior tour-

    naments and then advanced

    to U.S. Kids Golf tourna-

    ments both locally and in

    Pinehurst, NC where he cap-

    tured three Tour Champion-

    ships by 9th grade.

    As a lifer at Austin Wal-

    dorf School, starting in the

    Moongarden, it was not until

  • Looking Ahead

    Grandparents and Special

    Friends Day - Friday, December


    Winter Fair - Saturday,

    December 12th

    November Parent Society

    General Circle Meeting

    Another invigorating Parent

    Society General Meeting this

    past month! With wonderful

    interactive elements from Mr.

    Miller and Mr. Smith, we

    explored the woodworking

    room and created a group art

    project with rice. Following this

    time in the classroom with our

    able instructors, we split into

    small groups for engaging

    discussions on the merits of a

    Parent Code of Conduct. Some

    of the comments following the

    meeting: One of the best PS

    meetings Ive been to in all of

    my years here. The best PS

    meeting Ive attended. I liked

    the interactive nature and

    experiencing what the kids go

    through in class. Enjoyed the

    discussion aspect. It was a

    safe and open environment for

    sharing our thoughts. Being

    here is like good therapy.

    Meeting Minutes can be found

    here. And look for a link to our

    podcast coming soon!

    As always, many thanks and

    see you soon,

    Your Parent Society Leadership

    Council: Hani Talebi, Susan

    Henson, Matt Howell, Steffani

    Mitchell, Corey Horton and Jeff



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    Coming on Wednesday, January

    13 from 7:00-8:30pm,

    reknowned Waldorf educator

    Betty Staley will share how the

    Waldorf approach and current

    neuro-science support the

    development of thinking in

    children. Thinking is a

    fundamental human quality

    which is the basis of freedom.

    Beginning in the early

    childhood years, a healthy

    foundation is laid. During each

    stage new capacities are

    awakened which lead to critical

    thinking and creativity.

    Ms. Staley is a worldwide

    lecturer and workshop

    presenter and the author

    of several books, including

    Adolescence: The Sacred

    Passage Inspired by the Legend

    of Parzival, Between Form and

    Freedom: A Practical Guide to

    the Teenage Years, Hear the

    Voice of the Griot!: A Guide to

    the History, Geography, and

    Culture of Africa, Tapestries:

    Weaving Life's Journey, and

    Splinters of the Sun: Teaching

    Russian Literature to High

    School Students.

    She currently directs the

    Waldorf High School Teacher

    Education at Rudolf Steiner

    College, as well as programs for

    public school teachers. A

    Waldorf educator for over thirty

    years at the kindergarten,

    elementary, high school and

    teacher training levels, she is a

    founder of the Sacramento

    Waldorf High School where she

    taught history and literature for

    nineteen years.

    Early in 2015 she lectured at

    Tuscon Waldorf School

    regarding Parenting the Young

    Adolescent in Challenging

    Times. A recording of that

    lecture is available here. We are

    delighted to have such a

    renowned expert here to advise

    our faculty and parents. Please

    stay tuned for further details