inspiring and empowering our students to ... pictures and a little too much inspiring and empowering

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    News @Ascend

    A monthly newsletter to help you stay in touch with activities at Ascend

    Inspiring and empowering our students to communicate with confidence July 2014

    Graduation day happens at the

    end of every term (3 months)

    and it is always a happy occasion

    for everyone. For most

    students, they get ‘promoted’ to

    the next level or they are ready

    to use their English skills in the

    next part of their lives. For

    others, there is a day of

    socializing and a week long

    holiday to look forward to.

    Whatever it is, graduation day is

    always a day full of smiles,

    pictures and a little too much

    dancing 

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    Name: Rujutha Salil

    Nationality: Indian

    Favourite food: Asian


    Favourite Sports: Cycling

    and Swimming

    Most Interesting places

    I’ve visited: Switzerland

    and Venice (Italy)

    I’m afraid of: Reptiles and


    If I weren’t

    teaching………I’d be craving

    to be a teacher!


    For our last Life and Literature activity this term, the

    students took part in a ‘Design-a-book cover’

    competition. It was an impressive showcase of the

    students’ artistic talent and creativity. The winners

    were announced during graduation and they were …

    Congratulations to our winners!

    Our artists put their talent to


    3rd – Pre-Int 1

    2nd – Int 2

    1st - Advanced

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    by Deny Fui, Upper-Intermediate

    Gardens by the Bay

    Hi everyone, I’m Deny and I come from Indonesia. I’ve been living in Singapore for almost 9

    months. I’d like to share my experience with all of you when I went to ‘Gardens by the Bay’.

    I went there 3 weeks ago and it’s a really great place for me. There are loads of beautiful

    views such as a waterfall, flowers, a lake etc. I took loads of pictures and I also recorded some

    videos. It’s a huge place, so you really need one day to see it properly. Also, you have to wear shoes

    which are comfortable for you because you will feel pain in your feet if you wear something like high


    One of my favourite view is the Supertree Grove because it did make me feel alive. The lights

    are complicated but beautiful and I’m sure you guys will have the same feeling as me if you are there!!

    Apart from that, there are also some songs that are played in

    sync with the lights in order to welcome the audience. I almost

    forgot that it was time to go home when I was watching the light


    You really have to go there and

    check it out for yourself!

    Go to

    for more visitor information!

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    July 2014

    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

    1 2 3 4 5

    Module 1

    6 7 8 9 10 11 12

    13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Meet and


    20 21 22 23 24 25 26



    27 28 29 30



    Module 2

    to Ascend.......


    Pomgprueksa Piyapat

    Pre-Intermediate 1

    Truong Van Hieu

    Bang Sun Mi

    Ikki Tomokazu

    Khramova Irina

    Chhaya Asheesh Anand


    Chaiprasert Mintra Bataa Khongorzul Kim Youngbae Wang Linlin Liu Xueying Song Bing Yan Lim Kiat Yee Liu Hong Bo Phan Tuyet Lan



    Public Holiday

    New module starts

    Pre-Intermediate 2

    Lin Zhiqiang

    Alvin Yap

    Ding Zhaoling

    Lee Chiao-Hsin

    Ruivo Durao Sara Ines

    Takekawa Masayuki

    Desai Vidya Dattatray

    Kim Pilkee

    Intermediate 1

    Altangerel Anar

    Seo Junghun

    Polard-Taine Laurent

    Ortiga Acero Anna

    Tan Poot Fern

    Intermediate 2

    Sano baku

    Alona Zhaivoronok

    Sung Hsiang Lien

    Yew Jongwoo

    Chou Yi-Chieh

    Labrousse Chloee



    Lin Shunhe

    Emma Perez

    Ueki Ayana

    Ershova Ksenia

    Ryosuke Hoshina



    Longinov Leonid

    Ervina Astuti


    Karapetyan Shoghik

    Nguyen Viet Anh


    Jeong Youngwoo


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