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Inspiring quotes for singles. “Here is a startling fact: The selection you make of a marriage partner may well have more to do with the quality of your marriage than anything you do after getting married.” Neil Clark Warren Olufemi Fasanya 08037257479, 08083906405

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get inspired and make the right decisions as a single.


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Inspiring quotes for singles.

“Here is a startling fact: The selection you make of a marriage partner may well have more to do with the quality of your marriage

than anything you do after getting married.”Neil Clark Warren

Olufemi Fasanya08037257479,

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Knowledge is power; it does not leave the person who has it the same way. One reason that this is so is the motivating influence that it gives to those that have it. People have gone to wars seemly because they were influenced by the information they were given by power drunk leaders in the past; the rate of immorality, crime and violence have increase at an alarming rate because of the information that we are exposed to through the media.

People are so influenced by what they hear that their actions are based on it. There is a Nigerian adage that says, “It is better to commit suicide than to pass through certain shame”, and because of this statement some Nigerians have committed suicide in the past. Thefollowing article from the Punch newspaper of Wednesday, July 20, 2005, with a headline captioned, Four commit suicide weekly in Lagos, “An average of four reported cases of suicide or ‘unnatural deaths’ are recorded weekly in Lagos, investigations have revealed” is a prove of the power of influence by information.

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In the first book I wrote, 21 never singles must observe, in the 15th never; Never hold on to a person, when it is time to let go, I was told by one of the people that got inspired by the saying of Pastor Bimbo Odukoya who said, “Never insist on marrying someone who does not want to marry you”, and had to quit a relationship that she was in. Such is the power of influence from information that had a positive effect on making people to choose the right decisions to take.

Inside of this book are the quotes of fallible men like you and me; men with weaknesses, but in a moment of their lives made statement that did not conflict with the truth from the Word of God and yet has an impacting positive effect on those that heard them when they made it. Suchstatements are still relevant to as many who want do great and positive things in their generation.

My prayer is that the quotes of these men will inspire you as a single to making the right choices in life and especially in the choice of who to get married to and the way you live your life as a single. I also pray that it will stop you and make you to have a rethink on your life and the direction it is heading.

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Choosing a partner

Your choice of a marriage partner is entirely your decision and,moreover, you are free to choose anyone you like. That, however, is as far as your freedom goes, for once you have chosen, you are bound by the responsibilities that go with your choice.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

You may not know this, but when it comes to love, sex, and relationships, the typical Brother is an intuitive cast directorwho knows what role, if any, that you will play in his life longbefore you do.

Zondra Hughes

Are you single and searching, be singled out for Christ search in Christ because anything searched outside of Christ will be filled with crisis.

Dotun and Bunmi Okanlawon’s wedding programme

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The only person you can’t do without is Jesus.Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

Many singles do not even know God, and they want Him to find the person they should get married too.

Pastor Wale Aiyanyo

It takes loving God for a man not to be involve in extra maritalaffair after marriage. The love for ones spouse is not strong tomake one faithful to ones marriage vows.

Oluseyi Fasanya

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The word of God

When you receive the truth in truth, it does not only inform you, it transforms you.

Bishop David Oyedepo

The Bible is so simple you have to have someone else help you tomisunderstand it.

Charles Capp

Truth is heavy, so few men can carry it.Jewish adage

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The qualities you need to be a good husband or wife is what you need to be a good Christian.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

The measure of a person’s real character is what he will do if knew he never be found out.

John Mason

You show me a man of character; I’ll show a leader.Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

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Love that flows in one direction is not enough to sustain a meaningful relationship.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

Love is not a matter of what happens in life. It's a matter of what's happening in your heart.

Ken Keyes

Love must be learned, and learned again and again; there is no end to it.

Katherine Ann Porter

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If you are a young lady, for instance, and you are asking me how to know a man I want to marry, I will say, look, ask the man, what is your vision in life? This because where ever you are going or whatever your vision is, is where you are taking me. I may not want to go there.

Isaac Digi

The wealthiest place on the face of the earth is the cemetery, where lie in visions that were never fulfilled, potentials that were not tapped.

Dr Myles Munroe

Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life. Everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced nor can his life be repeated. Thus everyone's task is as unique as his specific opportunity to implement it.

Psychologist Victor Frankl

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Little beginning

Sometimes very great things have a way of starting in a corner, and a person must approach a marriage relationship with faith. Where there is faith, where there is conviction, where there is love, then nothing would be impossible for a couple like that.

Dr Okey Onuzo

Life is so interesting, we all will not start from the same stage, but we can all get to the same level.

Pastor Wale Aiyanyo

You will know a certain level which your relationship gets to before you can be of assistance financially or otherwise. Don’t meet a guy today and start giving him all your money just because you want a home… Nothing wrong with loving and giving but that giving must be done with discretion.

Kemi Dayo-Aiyetan

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Many decent Christians make mistakes in the area of a choice of partner when in their arrogance they believe they know what is best for them than God.

Pastor Wale Aiyanyo

Two people cannot define the same concept the same way. The way a person understands a concept depends on the circumstance surrounding his/her experience e.g. for two people to define the word love, you will discover that it can never be define the same way because the way and manner the individuals feels and experience it is different.

Idowu Oluwole

Eyes that looks are common, eyes that sees are rear.J. Oswald Sanders

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Missing the step to take, or taking the step to miss.Pastor Sam Ajana

To err is human, to forgive divine.English adage

To err is human… but when you wear the eraser out ahead of the pencil you are overdoing it.

Jerry Jenkins

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If any of these men come to you to say, ‘the Lord said we should get married;’ tell them: yes I have heard what the Lord has said, but what do you say yourself?

Pastor S. G. Elton

A lady would rather hear that you love her very much and would like to marry her, rather than that God has sent you to marry her.

Dr Okey Onuzo

You don’t dig milk from the ground. First you have to domesticate a cow. Then when all of that has been done, you are ready to milk. God can give a cow but the rest is left to you.

Dr Myles Munroe

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Show me your friend and I will show you your destiny.Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

Whenever there cease to be a relationship there will always be separation.

Dr Sherman S. Watkins

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.

Theodore Roosevelt

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A woman that is too big to say thank you will be too big to say I am sorry. Do not marry her.

Segun Olisa

It is people who do not say ‘I am sorry’ to their spouse that have broken homes the most.

Segun Ojo

Behind every successful man is a woman that nagged and behind every man that failed is a woman that kept quiet.

Olufemi Fasanya

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Dating is the process of being friends, before being lovers.Olufemi Fasanya

When you invest all of your energy and self esteem in getting a date or having a relationship, you don’t have a life.

When it comes to decisions about relationships, you should choose the head over the heart every time.

Ben Young & Dr Samuel Adams

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Avoiding date rape

They usually occur when a man is alone with a woman (mostly an adolescent) in a man’s room, apartment, or his car.

Dr (Mrs.) P. I. Idigbe

Careful, thoughtful decisions generally yield better dating results. Guard against trusting the untrustworthy; suitors must earn your trust gradually, through consistently honorable, forthright behavior. Take all the time you need to test for a trustworthy person and pay careful attention along the way. If you suspect someone is lying, he or she probably is, so act accordingly.

Regardless of where you meet someone, dating is never a risk-free activity, but a little caution will reduce your risk in matters of the heart.

Trish McDermott

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Do not substitute prayer for courtship because you need to know who you intend to marry.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

In courtship people reveal their best, but marriage reveals the rest.

Pastor Sam Ajana

There is a sense to which courtship implies discovery. It is essentially a time when two people engaged to marry, try to discover each other in other to reduce areas of friction in the early period of marriage.

Dr Okey Onuzo

Page 19: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

Pre-marital sex

If you allow a man to have his way with you, you will never, ever be respected by him.

Ben Young & Dr Samuel Adams

Sex is designed to be a response to love, not a foundation for it. It was to be the cement and seal of an already established commitment made in the presence of witness who stood in agreement before God. If we settle for conditions less than this, we leave ourselves open for pain and, in some cases, irreparable damage.

Michelle McKinney Hammond

What is hidden in your cloth is called private part; if you makeit a public part, the public will abuse it and abuse you. The only person who should have access to it is your spouse and not your fiancé/fiancée.

Olufemi Fasanya

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Live-in arrangement

Trying to experience marriage without a lifetime commitment is like is like going to a donut shop to buy your meals. You canfill your stomach, but eventually you will die of malnutrition.

Dr Roger Hillerstorm

A live-in relationship may seem like a simple (and financially attractive) solution for the need for intimacy, but it tends to destroy the things that make intimacy possible: commitment, trust, and vulnerability to another person.

Dr Harold Ivan Smith

Men move in to have easy sex.Ben Young and Dr Samuel Adams

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No matter how illiterate and old fashion your parents are when it comes to marriage you need their consent.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

It is very important that the consent of the bride’s family is obtained even if it means long delays.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye

If you call your parent(s) useless, you can never be useful: every tree produces after its kind.

Olufemi Fasanya

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Integrity is living up to what you claim to be.Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

Knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful. While integrity without knowledge is weak and useless.

Samuel John

People do not forget promises; to them it is a debt you are expected to pay.

Olufemi Fasanya

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If you want to create opportunity for yourself, stretch a helping hand to people in need.

Pastor Sam Ajana

The world will always give you the opportunity to quit, but only the world will call quitting an opportunity.

Clint Brown

A pessimist sees the difficulty in everything; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

Winston Churchill

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The little darkroom where negatives are developed.Michael Pritchard

Fear causes people to draw back from situations; it brings on mediocrity; it dulls creativity; it sets one up to be a loser inlife.

John Maxwell

The hero and the coward both feel exactly the same fear, only the hero confronts his fear and convert it to fire.

Cus D’Amato

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Only the brave knows how to forgive… A coward can never forgive; it is not in his nature.

Lawrence Sterne

Don’t burn bridges; you will be surprise how many times you have to cross that same river.

John Mason

The size of the scar you have now, was not the size of the wound you had, the reason is because you kept visiting the pains of yesterday and the wound kept enlarging.

Olufemi Fasanya

Page 26: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

Life after a broken relationship

One person’s good-bye leaves the door open for the person God has truly chosen to say hello.


You can learn something from the pain of the past. Ask yourself questions. What part did you play that led to the relationship breaking up? Do not conclude that you did nothing wrong, such attitude might just be the reason why the relationship got broken in the first place.

Olufemi Fasanya

Page 27: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

Note the eight ways to overcoming heartbreaks- Know that it is not the end of the world and you can handle it. Work on your mind to guard it against bitterness, hatred and envy. Believe in yourself that you will succeed with or without whoever

jilted you. Start taking care of yourself and make yourself available for someone

better. Become friendly, smile, laugh and mingle with others. Definitely, thoughts of him/her would come to your mind, try to

engage yourself creatively to ward off such thoughts. Need you cry any longer? Wipe your tears, come out of your shell,

make yourself happy and live as if you are the only creature on earth. To cultivate happiness? Think of the many good things that had

happened to you and if you don’t have, think of those great things you desire coming your way.

Kemi Dayo-Aiyetan

Page 28: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles


Age does not mean maturity.Olumide Fasanya

Don’t wait for the perfectly mature partner. Cobwebs will form in your hair and dust balls will fill your ears before that prince or princess comes along. What you need is someone moving towards maturity, someone who sees its value, who wants to achieve it.

William Coleman

In the Christian faith, your natural age does not equal your maturity in the faith. It is not a function of how long a personhave made a commitment to the Lord Jesus, or involvement in the activities of the local assembly one attends. It is greatly determined by your walk with the Lord, being able to discern His leading, and a commitment on your part to obey Him irrespective of your feelings or what others may say.

Olufemi Fasanya

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Even in the worst of times, you can control your attitude, you can maintain your discipline and you can make your character choice.

Pastor Tunde Bakare

Your destiny is not far; all you need to do is change your attitude.

Pastor Sam Ajana

Perhaps the greatest discovery of this century is that if you change your attitude, you can change your life.

William James

Page 30: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles


The devil does not often tempt people to do what is evil, ratherto do what appears to be good- something that’s not that bad. Every appearances of evil have a measure of “goodies” in it. The devil uses those “goodies” to bait God’s people into sin. To escape traps of compromise that would ultimately lead to shame and reproach of evil, “abstain from all appearance of evil” (1Thes. 5:22).

Pastor Sam Ajana

From a Christian perspective, you should date only Christians. There is no exception.

Ben Young & Dr Samuel Adams

When a Christian and non-Christian marry each other, they start with a problem no one wants: misunderstanding. They will be unable to share the most important part of their lives with the person who is supposed to be an intimate, loving partner. They will be trying to mix water and oil.

William Coleman

Page 31: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles


We are a fugitive, and the things we don’t do yesterday are the bloodhounds.


Do not allow idleness to deceive you; for while you give him today, he steals tomorrow from you.


If you have a release in your heart for a sister/brother, do notwaste time in saying ‘yes’ or asking her out. The proof of that person's love is not in how long you keep him/her waiting; never forget that you do not have all the time in the world.

Olufemi Fasanya

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Our best friends and our worst enemies are the thoughts we have about ourselves.

Dr Frank Crane

The Christian who never commits mental-attitude lust will never commit adultery.

Tim and Beverly Lahaye

There is nothing wrong with having sexual thoughts about the man you love, but they should be confines to marriage. Yes, these thoughts will come if you are human and have blood pumping through your veins. But single women can’t afford to allow fantasies like this to run rampage.

Michelle McKinney Hammond

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The greatest destroyer of humanity is not the devil; the greatest destroyer of marriages is not mother in-laws; it is ignorance.

Ignorance is not just a disease, it is a killer. Do not let it destroy you.

What you do not know as a Christian is the only advantage the devil has over you.

Olufemi Fasanya

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The courage to share your feeling is critical to sustaining a love relationship.

Harold H. Bloomfield

A lion’s prey may be bigger and mightier, but the lion’s courage gives it power.

Etim Effiong

Courage is fear that has said its prayers.Karl Barth

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Over 90% of prison inmates were told by their parents while growing up ‘they’re going to end in jail’.

Evangelist Bill Glass

A person who doesn’t love himself in a healthy way will find it impossible to develop genuine love relationship with others.

Paul Meler

You cannot treat your proposed partner better than the way you see yourself.

Olufemi Fasanya

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Marriage is two forgivers living together.Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

Marriage is like a room with only one door, and the knob to open the door is outside, if you enter into it you must remain in it through out your life.

Reverend Sam Adeyemi

There is no marriage that is made in heaven, every marriage that appears so are those that follow heavenly principles.

Olufemi Fasanya

Page 37: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles


If the person you are dating has hit you in anger, call off the relationship immediately! Don’t sympathize. Don’t rationalize. Don’t play psychologist and look for ways to help. Say goodbye!

Since people are usually at their best behavior in dating relationship, if they become physically abusive then, you don’t have to be around to find out how their behavior will degenerate after marriage.

One estimate says that 10 children die everyday from child abuse. That’s 3650 a year. Most are victims of parents who had problems with their temper and didn’t control themselves.

William Coleman

Page 38: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles


If you want to have a good marriage; if you want to develop relationship with people; you will have to create time for it.

Pastor Sam Ajana

Couples who had dated for more than two years scored consistently high on marital satisfaction.

Neil Clark Warren

If you think you can really know a person’s true colors in a three-to-six-month dating period, then you are either a psychic or a psycho.

Ben Young & Dr Samuel Adams

Page 39: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles


Before marriage opposite attracts. After marriage, a husband and wife begin to discover how opposite they are.

Ray Mossholder

…the most healthy marriage are those in which there is “a strong foundation of similarities in background, temperament, goals, dreams, values, and the way in which individuals managed and ordered their physical and mental lives.”

C. E. Rollins

The “opposite attracts” relationship works great on the big screen, but in reality it’s extremely difficult to pull off.

Ben Young & Dr Samuel Adams

Page 40: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

Spirit driven relationship

There is nothing quite as dangerous as a dangerous as deeply “religious” men and women who spiritualize their dating.

There are so many wedding invitations that read, “Led by the Spirit of God, Anne and Bill invite you to attend…” but should read, “ Having spiritualize their emotions and their sexual urges, Anne and Bill invites you to attend…” Without question this is one of the common misuse of spirituality.

Ben Young & Dr Samuel Adams

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.

Galileo Galilei

Page 41: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

Listening to people

Friends and family may have tried to gently caution us, but we’ve always had a ready defense for why they don’t understand. We need to be willing to here them. When we are all tarry eyed, they are seeing things in your companion that you don’t see. And more than often they are right on target.

Michelle McKinney Hammond

To disregard what the world thinks about us is not only arrogant but utterly shameless.


Sift what you have heard; note the things that are not true and the things that are likely to be true in their gossips. If he/she does not have a good reputation, even though he/she is celebrated in church, my advice is that you think twice about the relationship you are in/about to go into.

Olufemi Fasanya

Page 42: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles


What blood is to the body, communication is to a relationship. When blood stops flowing, the body becomes lifeless. When communication stops, your relationship dies.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

Communication is not out yelling and talking your partner. Intimidating your partner through temper is not communication. Communication is giving your partner the freedom to disagree with you without flying into rage, without pouting for a week or sulking most of the days.

Pastor John Hagee

Different words mean different things to different people. So we have to be careful how we use words.

Olumide O. Emmanuel

Page 43: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

Openness Don’t love a man so much not to let him know what he needs to

know about you, he will hate you in the end for your deception.Olufemi Fasanya

Page 44: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

The need for Christ

No human being can give perfect love, no matter how good and loving he or she is. Christ alone is the key to perfect love.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

Philosophy is a pattern of life, religion is a moral agent, but Jesus is the only way.

Sunday Nnajiude

When you take away Christ from Christian, you will be left with the following letters of the alphabet, i, a, n. This means-i= I, a= Am, n= Nothing.

Pastor Benny Hinn

Page 45: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

Things you need to know

A single is not someone that is not married; he/she is someone who is matured physical, psychologically, emotionally, financially, and in the faith.

Before you give your consent to an intimate relationship, find out first if the guy is married. There are lots of married men who do not wear wedding rings spotting for fun.

You will never find a lady/man that has 100% of what you want in a spouse.

Olufemi Fasanya

Page 46: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

Watch your thoughts; they will become your actions. Watch your actions; they become your habit. Watch your habit; they become your character. Watch your character; it will become your destiny.

Marriages that you see failing, did not fail when they got married; it failed while the couples where still single. The product of their choice was only manifested when they got married.

You cannot afford to compromise your stand on getting married to a believer as a child of God. If you do, your compromise will lead to crisis in your marriage in future.

Money is a catalyst of love.Olufemi Fasanya

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Better to be single at forty-five, than to be married to the devil at twenty-five.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

Don’t lose your temper. It is better to say nothing than to say it “emotionally.”

Gene A. Getz

If you speak when you are angry, you will make the best speech you will ever regret.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

Mark it down, compromise chill the soul.Max Lacado

Page 48: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

Nothing interferes with logic and common sense more than the sex drive.

Ben Young & Dr Samuel Adams

Maintaining sexual success while you build, is the cornerstone. If you fail sexually you tend to take a lot of time, energy, andcreativity from our primary purpose.

Douglas Weiss

There is nothing as sweet as sex on earth, but it is a perilous slide to destruction.

Sheriff Shomade

The only infallible rule we know is, that the man who is always talking about being a gentleman never is one.

Robert Surtees

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If you do not like your would be in-laws, do not marry their child; if you do, you must be prepared to condone what you do not like about them.

Pastor Kunle Enisan

It’s important for every woman to know what her gifts are, to live purposefully and live life, as if she will never get married.

Michelle Hammond

Women should marry men who have vision, not those who have television. Vision will not only buy televisions, it will put you on television.

Akinola, Christopher Ola-Kris

Marriages that begin with fireworks may end up as scattered ashes.

William L. Coleman

Page 50: Inspiring Quotes 4 Singles

The trademark of a woman we would consider marriage material is one who looks good and indicates that she is nurturing, nice and will pay attention to our needs.

Darryl James

Being the right marriage partner is more important than choosing the right partner.

Delores Friesen

When you take away Christ from Christian, you will be left with the following letters of the alphabet, i, a, n. This means-i= I, a= Am, n= Nothing.

Pastor Benny Hinn