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Very basic presentation for the entrepreneur who is the Instagram Newbie. I'm a beginner too, but learned a few things from my mentor Sue B. Zimmerman, and thought I would share. If you want more Instragram training, check out Sue's Insta-Results Training:


<ul><li> Beena Kavalam, MBA, CPCC </li> <li> Heres what you will learn today: What is Instagram? Who is on Instagram? Why should WE be on Instagram? How to Join The Basics </li> <li> + Online PHOTO Sharing Online VIDEO Sharing Social Media Networking </li> <li> Lots of people. Its growing and fast. </li> <li> Millennial Change Agents. </li> <li> Attract followers to your brand. Engagement SEO </li> <li> Sign up, Update Profile, Engage. </li> <li> Instagram Icons Demystified. Home Button Explore Camera &amp; Video Like Stream Profile </li> <li> Look at Me! Im on Instagram. Relevant topics My Life My Brand </li> <li> When. Where. How. 1 With PER DAY 1 </li> <li> Questions on </li> <li> Learn More about Instagram: Insta-Results with Sue B. Zimmerman Want in?;opid=7 </li> </ul>