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An overview of these two visual channels given at the Empowering Women in Business conference at Nichols College. #EWIB2014. The link to the video recording is on the last slide.


  • 1.Using Instagram and Pinterest for Business B Y M I C H E L L E F O N T A I N E , F B S M A R T Y F A C E B O O K . C O M / F B S M A R T Y T W I T T E R . C O M / F B S M A R T Y G O O G L E F B S M A R T Y F O R Y O U R C H O I C E O F C O N T A C T

2. My official Bio MBA Assumption College 2002 (finished a dream) Corporate Marketing Communications until 2005 Managed large budgets, trade shows, advertising, websites, literature This business started in 2005 Started as web, graphic, photography marketing Now specialize solely on Social Media for business Teach entrepreneurs and manage for clients FBSmarty and Social Media by Michelle 3. Things about me most people dont know I owned a craft store called Cozy Corner Crafts in the mid 80s teacher of things to make Always an entrepreneurial heart but needed corporate income to raise three children My daughter told me to teach Facebook 5 years ago Mom of three, grandmother of 4 Second home is in Prescott Valley, Arizona 4. Instagram 5. Fastest Growing Site Globally 6. What is Instagram? a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. We're building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends' lives through pictures as they happen. 7. Business Implications Though Instagram touts the network as a personal place for real- time activity, there are now plenty of business strategies we can use to reach a new audience. In order for Instagram business strategies to work, they must be enticing, creative or valuable. 8. Is Instagram for my business? If you are trying to reach a younger audience, definitely! If you have a visual business that allows easy story-telling, sure! Its not stagnant, stale or too mature yet. Its hot. Its free. Its quick (but you should have a strategy). Its not cluttered with advertisementsyet. Instagram is owned by Facebook so it can flow right into your Facebook business page and other social channels, so its efficient. Its an easy shortcut to other social channels. 9. Wheres my grandson? Teens and young adults are drawn to new cool networks, they are early adopters. Usually girls adopt first (sorry guys), but young males are very into the ease and fun of Instagrams instant communication. 10. What kind of businesses should be on Instagram? 11. Fashion, Salons, Tattoo Artists, etc. If your business is trendy, cool, fun, edgy, you MUST be on Instagram! Instant Likes, Shares and Engagement. 12. Photographers, Artists, Videographers 13. Many types of businesses! Travel Agents - Share the coolest parts of your destinations. Restaurants - Show the back-end story. How about the kitchen prep rather than the plate of food? Run a contest encouraging customers to snap a photo of their food and use your assigned hashtag to win a free dinner! 14. Social Media Marketers Leaders in my industry are establishing a presence, paving the way for us Here, Mari Smith tells us about Torrey Pines lodge and @DarrenHardy's Forum. Careful, though, don't to be too 'selfie'. It is the easiest thing to photograph ourselves as we are always available, but try to take attention off yourself during the selfies, as Mari does here. 15. Can I Geo-Target on Instagram? Absolutely! Using the hashtag of #WorcesterMA returns a great collection of local Instagram users. Always hashtag your location if geo-targeting is important to your business! 16. How can Instagram help with my other social media channels? Even if you dont think your business will benefit from Instagram itself, there is another reason to use it! Ease of cross-pollination to your other channels = #shortcuts. The ease of using Instagram is amazing! 17. Example In about 5 minutes, I created this video tip on Instagram ( Then I shared it to Facebook and Twitter. So, in less than 10 minutes, it was created and posted on 3 channels; Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 18. Add Instagram to your Facebook Page In addition, I have a free custom app on the FBSmarty Facebook page. set up through Woobox (, which pulls in all Instagram posts that contain the tag #fbsmarty. 19. What are some Instagram video tips? Keep it steady Brace that mobile device somehow to keep it steady. Light at your back Dont video into the light, try to have it at your back or side. 20. Flipagram Auto-play feature - Videos created directly from Instagram or by using a collage type app like Flipagram are set to auto-play by default. As people scroll, your video starts playing. No audio until the video is clicked on. They also work on Facebook. Preloading (auto play) makes videos start playing more quickly but uses more data. The user can control whether videos will auto play or not under preloading in the options area. 21. How is Instagram different than Pinterest? Both are based on photos, videos and other visual content. Pinterest has been around longer than Instagram and is not as instant a visual channel as Instagram. Pinterest is more serious (ecommerce for example). Instagram captures fun moments. Instagrams origin are mobile. Pinterest is based around boards (collections) and images/videos (pins). Think of Pinterest as a visual scrapbook where you collect pins and pint them to your own boards. 22. How do I get the Instagram app? Navigate to the app store on your smart phone or tablet (App store on IOS, Play Store on Android). 23. Can I manage Instagram from my desktop computer? From the Instagram desktop version, you can: Report Inappropriate View the Photo Page Like the post View Profile Edit Profile Access Badges (icons you can put in different places) Log out 24. Desktop options Embed' it. Embed gives you code that you can insert into a blog or website. This is actually handy. If you want to embed a video or photo, you can grab the embed code from your computer which is where you are probably writing your post. Like it (the heart). There are no share or other options...yet. Comments can be added and deleted but not edited. The original text cannot be edited. 25. Do I have to post from my Instagram app or can I also post from my computer? Right now, posts need to be posted from the mobile app. 26. Pinterest is about driving traffic A main Pinterest strategy is to drive traffic to your website. Instagram is shareable but it doesnt natively drive traffic to websites. If set up correctly, you click on a Pinterest Pin, it opens in the Photo Viewer. Click on it one more time and you head off to the ecommerce site, or blog post or a pre-defined destination. 27. Hastags (Instagram and Pinterest) Using hashtags is an important strategy for both channels. Studies indicate use sparingly!! I recommend a branding hashtag. (#fbsmarty and #cfcsm) Other descriptive hashtags such as #socialmedia #instagrampost #marketing #socialmediamarketing. Geotags like #worcesterma or #worcestermass or #worcester. 28. Can I post on Instagram from Facebook? Using a custom app to bring Instagram into Facebook is a smart strategy. I currently use Woobox ( for my Instagram tab. There are other third party Instagram apps that offer things like analytics, but I am not aware of any at this time that allow you to post or share from the app. 29. Sharing from Instagram Access your sharing options by clicking on your profile and then the cog wheel on the right. Scroll down to the bottom for the sharing options. You can unlink from Facebook entirely or link to one of your Facebook accounts, either your personal Timeline or one of your business pages. You cannot link to more than one at a time. But, it's easy to change this too, so you can be strategic about posting to different Facebook pages with each post. You would need to make this change before creating and uploading your Instagram photo or video. 30. Where else can I share Instagram? Facebook your personal Timeline or any Facebook pages you are an admin on. Twitter the account you choose. Email Tumbler Flickr Foursquare 31. Pinterest 32. Pinterest is for almost every business! 33. Create organized boards and add pins to them 34. Grow your Pinterest Followers 35. Follow back. 36. Find Friends 37. Pinnable Images and Videos 800 pixels wide is a good width Any length Video embeds from YouTube too! 38. Optimize your Pinterest Profile Be sure to add in all your social networks 39. Get your Pin in Button 40. Easy Peasy Pin from anywhere to your board 41. 42. Next Steps 43. Video Recording available If youd like to see and hear the video recording from this session (which is much more interesting than plain old slides!), head over here - Thanks! Michelle Fontaine, FBSmarty and Social Media by Michelle 44. CommunicateFullCircl e Course Choice Segments In class or on-line, Recorded, Support group, Two teachers at every class #cfcsm, 45. Thank you! Reminder fill in your email for the recording Check out for further training OR schedule time with me at