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Ppt about Instagram marketing. these strategies can help increase your reach and revenue.


  • Using Instagram intoMarketing 1
  • Instagram Marketing IdeasReasons to use Instagram: Allows to share pictures of Events, pictures of Offers Etc. Its Allows to Increase a Unique Audience Generate a New Business leads Increase a Brand Value and presence in Social Media Note: Copyrighted Images Can be an ussue 2
  • How its increase audience its having a audience of fashion and young and female audience Posts images related to fashion trends, exclusive designer/collection previews, new products, events and more Post Office and Exclusive Events Pics 3
  • Create an image that features a promotional code or features other information about how to redeem an offer unique to your followers. Using Instagram as a platform for special promotional offers will without a doubt increase the growth and engagement of your brands network. Use Instagram to share unique, behind-the-scenes content that not only gives your audience a good reason to want to follow you there, but also helps you solidify a personal relationship and build loyalty with your customers new and old. Instagram is a perfect place to get even more personal with your biggest fans. 4
  • Post the accompanying image from a new blog post or article with a link to the piece on Instagram as a way to drive additional traffic to your content. *According to a recent Association of Magazine Media (MPA) survey, 45 percent of people access content regularly on their smartphones and other mobile devices. We can even use Instagrams events (#flashbackfriday or #throwbackthursday) as a channel for marketing archived content through to a fresh audience. Twitter and Facebook, providing a wide range of content that your users actually wantis imperative to connecting with your audience on a personal level. In addition to posting about your brand, also post content on the peripheral of your brand if you know it will help connect with your audience. 5
  • how its useful for lead generation How we can generate a lead from it Posting images embedded with calls to action, - like discount codes - that bring in sales. - Create a special offer for instagram users For lead generation from image sharing site its little bit difficult and for b2b site its very difficult but some of b2b try and they success in marketing strategy - - - - - 6
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  • WHATISTHEBESTWAYTOGETMOREINSTAGRAMFOLLOW UnfortunatelytheresnomagicrecipeforinstantlybuildingafollowingonInstagram.Itdoesnt happenovernight.Itsaprocess Wewouldstartbypostinginviting,interesting,andinnovativephotosonceortwiceaday, Onewaytoattractfollowersfromtheoutsetistoincentivizethemwithexclusiveoffers,contests, coupons,anddiscountsoretc Usingpopular(andrelevant)hashtagsisagreatwayoftakingadvantageofwhatstrendingand enablesyoutoreachawideraudienceattheoptimumtimeformaximumimpact.Itallhelpsto increaseyourvisibilityandenhanceyourprofile. LittlethingslikepushingyourInstagrampoststoTwitterorFacebook,ormoretraditional methodsofbuildingafollowing,suchasincludingalinktoyourInstagramfeedonyourwebs Encouragingexistingcustomers(orevenemployees)throughawell-timedcoordinationofemail, web,andsocialmediapromotionscanincreaseyourfollowerbasequicklywithyourlongtimefan base. addaFollowMeonInstagrambuttontoyourcompanywebsiteandothersocialmediaaccounts 10
  • InterestingaboutInstagram Marketing TheseTopBrandsHaveMasteredTheUseOfInstagram VirginAmerica:19,401 Intel:1,206followers VirginAmerica:19,401 TacoBell:22,880 AmericanExpress:25,662 WarbyParker:40,436 Macys:41,878 Sharpie:49,752 TargetStyle:58,917 GeneralElectric:134,774 NFL:201,083 Playboy:268,403 AdidasOriginals:367,884 FreePeople:474,657 RedBull:516,793 Burberry:630,468 11
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