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  • SGH100-TFM86

    Installation and Maintenance ManualCoolant ValveSeries : SGH100/200/300/400

    1 Safety Instructions

    This manual contains essential information for the protection of usersand others from possible injury and/or equipment damage.

    Read this manual before using the product, to ensure correct handling,and read the manuals of related apparatus before use.

    Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. These instructions indicate the level of potential hazard by label of

    DANGER, WARNING or CAUTION, followed by important safetyinformation which must be carefully followed.

    To ensure safety of personnel and equipment the instructions in thismanual and the product catalogue must be observed, along with otherrelevant safety practices.

    WARNING The compatibility of pneumatic equipment is the responsibility of

    the person who designs the pneumatic system or decides itsspecifications.Since the product specified here is used under various operatingconditions, its compatibility with specific equipment must be decided bythe person who designs the equipment or decides its specificationsbased on necessary analysis and test results. The expectedperformance and safety assurance of the equipment will be theresponsibility of the person who has determined its compatibility withthe product. This person should also continuously review allspecifications of the product referring to its latest catalog information,with a view to giving due consideration to any possibility of equipmentfailure when configuring the equipment.

    Only trained personnel should operate pneumatically operatedmachinery and equipment.The product specified here may become unsafe if handled incorrectly.The assembly, operation and maintenance of machines or equipmentincluding our products must be performed by an operator who isappropriately trained and experienced.

    Do not service machinery/equipment or attempt to removecomponents until safety is confirmed.1) The inspection and maintenance of machinery/equipment should

    only be performed after measures to prevent falling or prevention ofthe danger by the fluid have been confirmed.

    2) When the product is to be removed, confirm that the safety measuresas mentioned above are implemented and the power from anyappropriate source is cut, and read and understand the specificproduct precautions of all relevant products carefully.

    3) Before machinery/equipment is restarted, take measures to preventunexpected operation and malfunction.

    Contact SMC beforehand and take special consideration of safetymeasures if the product is to be used in any of the followingconditions. 1) Conditions and environments beyond the given specifications, or if

    product is used outdoors or with direct sunlight.2) With fluids whose application causes concern due to the type of fluid

    or additives, etc.

    1 Safety Instructions (continued)

    3) An application that has the possibility of having negative effects onpeople, property, or animals, requiring special safety analysis.

    1. The product is provided for use in manufacturing industries.The product herein described is basically provided for peaceful use inmanufacturing industries.If considering using the product in other industries, consult SMCbeforehand and exchange specifications or a contract if necessary.If anything is unclear, contact your nearest sales branch.

    Limited warranty and Disclaimer/Compliance RequirementsThe product used is subject to the following Limited warranty andDisclaimer and Compliance Requirements.Read and accept them before using the product.

    Limited warranty and Disclaimer1. The warranty period of the product is 1 year in service or 1.5 years after

    the product is delivered.*3)Also, the product may have specified durability, running distance orreplacement parts. Please consult your nearest sales branch.2. For any failure or damage reported within the warranty period which is

    clearly our responsibility, a replacement product or necessary parts willbe provided. This limited warranty applies only to our productindependently, and not to any other damage incurred due to the failureof the product.

    3. Prior to using SMC products, please read and understand the warrantyterms and disclaimers noted in the specified catalog for the particularproducts.

    *3) Vacuum pads are excluded from this 1 year warranty.A vacuum pad is a consumable part, so it is warranted for a year after itis delivered. Also, even within the warranty period, the wear of a productdue to the use of the vacuum pad or failure due to the deterioration ofrubber material are not covered by the limited warranty.

    CAUTION Ensure that the air supply system is filtered to 5 micron.

    2 Specifications

    2.1 Valve specifications

    Note :Impact resistance: No malfunction occurred when it was tested with a droptester in the axial direction and at right angles to the main valve & armature;in both energized & de-energised states and for every time in each condition(Values at the initial period.)Vibration resistance: No malfunction occurred in a one-sweep test between45 and 2000 Hz. Tests ere performed at both energized and de-energizedstates in the axial direction and at right angles to the main valve & armature.(Valves at the initial period.)

    2.2 Solenoid Specifications

    2 Specifications (continued)

    Note) In common between 110 VAC and 115 VAC, and between 220 VAC and 230 VAC.For 115 VAC and 230 VAC, the allowable voltage is -15% to +5% of ratedvoltage.

    2.3 Circuit symbol

    Note)The Reverse pressurization type valve can be used as a N.C. valve or as a Selectorvalve. See below for piping method:

    N.C. valve use 1 port : output port2 port : waste fluid port 3 port : supply port

    Selector valve use 1 port : output port2 port : low pressure supply port3 port : high pressure supply port

    3 Installation

    3.1 Environment

    WARNING1. Do not use in an environment where the product is directly exposed to

    corrosive gases, chemicals, salt water, water or steam.

    2. Products with IP65 and IP67 enclosures (based on IEC60529) areprotected against dust and water, however, these products cannot be usedin water.

    3. Incorrect mounting of the product violates the IP65 rating. Be sure to readthe Precautions for each product.

    4. Do not use in explosive atmospheres.5. The product should not be exposed to prolonged sunlight. Use a protective

    cover.6. Do not mount the product in a location where it is subject to strong

    vibrations and/or shock. Check the product specifications.7. Remove emissive heat.8. If using in an atmosphere where there is possible contact with water

    drop-lets, oil, weld spatter, etc., take suitable preventative measures.9. When the product is mounted in a control panel, or when it's energized for

    a long time, make sure that the ambient temperature is within the specifiedrange.

    3.2 Piping

    1. Preparation before pipingBefore piping is connected, it should be thoroughly blown out with air(flushing) or washed to remove chips, cutting oil and other debris frominside the pipe.Install piping so that it does not apply pulling, pressing, bending or otherforces the valve body.

    2. Sealant tapeWhen installing piping or fitting into a port, ensure that sealant materialdoes not enter the port internally. Furthermore, when sealant tape isused, leave 1.5 to 2 thread ridges exposed at the end of the threads.

    3 Installation (continued)

    3. Avoid connection of ground lines to piping, as this may cause electriccorrosion of the system.

    4. Always tighten threads with the proper tightening torques.When screwing fittings into valves, tighten with the proper tighteningtorque shown below.

    Tightening Torque for Piping

    5. Connection of piping to products.When connecting piping to a product, avoid mistakes regarding thesupply port, etc.

    3.3 Light/Surge Voltage Suppressor

    In extreme conditions, there is a possibility ofserious injury or loss of life.

    WARNING If instructions are not followed there is a possibility of serious injury or loss of life.

    CAUTION If instructions are not followed there is a possibility of injury or equipment damage.


    trop 2 trop 3

    1port pressurization

    Reverse pressurization

    N.C. N.O.





    004/003/002/001HGS epyT tnalooC diulf gnitarepO

    Fluid temperature )gnizeerf oN( 06 ot 5- CAmbient temperature C -5 to 50 (No freezing)

    SGH A,B-30 4.5Proof pressure MPa SGH A,B-70 10.5Leakage from the valve seat 100cm3/min of less (water pressure)

    SGH A,B-30 0 to 3 Operating pressure range MPa SGH A,B-70 0 to 7

    Manual override Non-locking type, push turn-

    locking slotted type Pressure MPa 0.25 to 0.7

    Lubrication Not required (Use turbine oil Class 1

    (ISO VG32), if lubricated. External pilot

    Temperature C -5 to 50 (No freezing)

    Connection thread Appropriate tightening torque (Nm) 9 ot 7 8/1 42 ot 22 8/3 03 ot 82 2/1 03 ot 82 4/3 83 ot 63 1

    Conduit terminal, DIN terminal (non-polar type)Surge voltage suppressor (TS/DS) Light/surge voltage suppressor(TZ,DZ)

    M12 connector (non-polar type)Surge voltage suppressor(WS/VS) Light/surge voltage suppressor(WZ/VZ)

    CoilVaristor CoilVaristor

    Varistor Varistor Coil Coil

    Conduit terminalSurge voltage suppressor(TS) Light/surge voltage suppressor(TZ)

    DIN terminalSurge voltage suppressor(DS) Light/surge voltage suppressor(DZ)

    M12 connectorSurge voltage suppressor(WS/VS) Light/surge voltage suppressor(WZ/VZ)

    lioC lioCVaristor Varistor

    Varistor Varistor lioC lioC


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