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Installing PMDF on Linux Michael Lamont Chief Technology Officer

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Everything you need to know about installing the PMDF email server on the Linux platform. This demo will walk you through system requirements, pre-installation steps, the installation itself, and post-installation tasks. Installation documentation in both PDF and HTML format is available from the Process Software website at More information about the PMDF Internet Messaging product is available at


Page 1: Installing PMDF On Linux

Installing PMDF on Linux

Michael Lamont Chief Technology Officer

Page 2: Installing PMDF On Linux

Obtaining PMDF

• Licensed customers are mailed a PMDF distribution package: − PMDF installation CD-ROM

−Welcome letter

− Licenses

• New CD-ROM automatically mailed to you when a new version of PMDF is released

• New licenses mailed when you renew support

Page 3: Installing PMDF On Linux


• Can’t find your license? − Contact your Process Software sales rep

− Email [email protected]

• Licensed PMDF customers can download latest kits and electronically retrieve licenses

• Not a PMDF customer? − Contact us to get a free evaluation copy of PMDF

Page 4: Installing PMDF On Linux


• PMDF available for personal non-commercial use through Process Software’s Hobbyist program

• Complimentary licenses, if you meet the requirements

• For more info, visit:

Page 5: Installing PMDF On Linux

Supported Linux Versions

• RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 (Release 8) or later

• Requirements: − RPM package manager for installation

− x86 compatible CPU architecture

− Linux Core version 2.6.9-89 or later

Page 6: Installing PMDF On Linux

# uname –a Linux 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6.i686 #1 SMP Tue Sep 9 20:14:52 UTC 2014 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux # # whereis rpm rpm: /bin/rpm /etc/rpm /usr/lib/rpm /usr/share/man/man8/rpm.8.gz #

Page 7: Installing PMDF On Linux

Disk Space Requirements

• Basic installation: 80 MB

• MTA store-and-forward queue area: 1 GB

• High-volume MTA: 2-3 GB

• Mail stores (POP, IMAP): how much mail do your users have? −Multiply max user quota by number of users, then double

Page 8: Installing PMDF On Linux

# df -k Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1 72766752 4080092 64990228 6% / /dev/sda2 153739275 4080092 64990228 6% /opt /dev/sda3 72766752 4080092 64990228 6% /home tmpfs 956216 0 956216 0% /dev/shm #

Page 9: Installing PMDF On Linux

PMDF User Accounts

• PMDF needs two user accounts on the system: − pmdf

− pmdfuser

• Each account has a corresponding group with the same name on the system

Page 10: Installing PMDF On Linux

# groupadd pmdf # groupadd pmdfuser # useradd –c “PMDF” –d /pmdf/queue –M –s /bin/sh –f 0 -g pmdf pmdf # useradd –c “PMDF User” –d /pmdf/queue –M –s /bin/sh –f 0 -g pmdfuser pmdfuser #

Page 11: Installing PMDF On Linux
Page 12: Installing PMDF On Linux

PMDF Linux Install Kit

• Linux install kit contains base Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) product

• Also contains all layered products: −MessageStore

− POPstore




Page 13: Installing PMDF On Linux
Page 14: Installing PMDF On Linux

# mkdir /cdrom # mount –o –ro /dev/cdrom /cdrom # cd /cdrom/Linux-X86/PMDF660 # ls pmdf-6.6.0-0.i386.rpm # # rpm –i pmdf-6.6.0-0.i386.rpm #

Page 15: Installing PMDF On Linux

PMDF Installation

• Default install location is /opt/pmdf/

• Pass the --prefix argument to rpm to change the installation location

Page 16: Installing PMDF On Linux

# rpm –i --prefix /usr/pmdf/ pmdf-6.6.0-0.i386.rpm #

Page 17: Installing PMDF On Linux

PMDF Installation

• Installation creates a symbolic link /pmdf/

• Symlink points to the actual install directory

• The /pmdf/ symlink is used to access PMDF’s commands and files

Page 18: Installing PMDF On Linux

# umount /cdrom #

Page 19: Installing PMDF On Linux

PMDF Licenses

• Copy license files to /pmdf/table/ directory

• License file naming convention:


• Example: license for base MTA product on Linux named PMDF-MTA-LINUX.license

• License file name is case-sensitive

• License files are plain text, contain authorization info

Page 20: Installing PMDF On Linux

PMDF Licenses

• Example license file contents:

• Make sure Product Release Date is later than the release date of the PMDF version you’re installing

Issuer:Process Authorization Number:0624401-21 Product Name:PMDF-MTA-LINUX Producer:Innosoft Product Release Date:31-DEC-2016 Product Token:U29147 Checksum:7-ACDG-HLAG-FMBN-DEMO

Page 21: Installing PMDF On Linux

PMDF Licenses

• You can use your license to run any version of PMDF released before the Product Release Date

• You’ll automatically receive updated PMDF licenses when you renew your maintenance agreement

Page 22: Installing PMDF On Linux

# cd /pmdf/table # ls *.license PMDF-MTA-LINUX.license PMDF-TLS-LINUX.license PMDF-MSGSTORE-LINUX.license PMDF-POPSTORE-LINUX.license #

Page 23: Installing PMDF On Linux

Periodic Jobs

• Two important periodic (batch) jobs −

• Retries delivery of messages with temporary errors

• Tidies up message queue areas

• Runs every 4 hours (default)


• Returns undeliverable messages

• Rolls log files

• Runs 5 minutes after midnight every night (default)

• Jobs can be rescheduled to fit your site’s needs

Page 24: Installing PMDF On Linux

# crontab –u pmdf /pmdf/table/cronjobs #

Page 25: Installing PMDF On Linux

PMDF Sendmail Replacement

• Lots of Linux software packages assume the Sendmail MTA is always installed

• For compatibility, PMDF provides a Sendmail replacement that enqueues messages to PMDF

Page 26: Installing PMDF On Linux

# /pmdf/bin/symlink install Symlink replacement complete #

Page 27: Installing PMDF On Linux

Initial Configuration

• Web-based configuration utility can be used to generate initial PMDF configuration

• Command-line configuration procedure is also available

Page 28: Installing PMDF On Linux

# /pmdf/bin/http_server –s 15-Oct-2014 19:19:24.21: Beginning accept loop on port 7633...

Page 29: Installing PMDF On Linux
Page 30: Installing PMDF On Linux

# pmdf cnbuild # pmdf start PMDF Job Controller started PMDF Dispatcher started #

Page 31: Installing PMDF On Linux

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Email: [email protected]