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    Integrating Drones Into Your Workflow

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    Drones in the Construction Industry

    Save TimeSave Money

    Drones are less expensive than traditional solutions.

    Processes happen much faster with drones.

    Reduce Risk Provide Utility

    Drones are a lower risk on the job site.

    Drones provide unparalleled utility and benefit stacking opportunities.

  • Drones Save Money

    01Drones save money for the constructors and their stakeholders who

    choose to incorporate them into their processes in a number of ways. The

    most prevalent example of this is when drones provide photographic

    documentation of progress on projects. Drones are almost always a more cost

    effective solution that their traditional counterparts..

  • Drones Save TimeDrones save time in a number of unique ways. Time is one of the most

    valuable commodities on the job site. Our many clients in the construction industry

    report drones get to your site faster and generally deliver the media and data

    significantly faster than their traditional counterparts. Monitoring of sites over a long

    period of time allows for better management of the site, preventing large problems

    and saving time.


  • Drones Reduce Risk

    03 Drones help to reduce risk in the construction space in a number of ways. Utilizing drones to consistently monitor a job site is a relatively inexpensive experience. With a pair of eyes in the sky at all times, a site can easily check for obstructions, hazards, OSHA violations and much

    more in effectively no time.

  • Drones Provide UtilityOne of the most exciting things is the additional utility that drones can

    provide. Drones provide a level of additional utility unmatched by any

    other single tool on the job site. Drones provide a unique double edged

    approach where every operation can gather both functional data and

    marketable media.


  • Types of Drones

    Multi Rotor Fixed Wing

  • Multi Rotor Drones & Their Benefits

    04 Nimble, able to fit in tight spaces Stabilized camera and gimbal system Hover capabilities

    Vertical take off and landing

  • Fixed Wing Drones & Their Benefits

    Long flight duration

    Large area coverage

    Fast flight speed

  • Types of Software

    Mapping Airspace Services

    Flight Management Autonomous Flight Tools

  • Example Mapping Outputs

    2D Ortho Rectified Model 3D Ortho Rectified Model

    NDVI Analysis Elevation Models

  • LeadingSoftwareProviders

    DroneDeploy SkyCatch AirMap Skyward DJI Litchi

  • Applications Drones Provide

    for the Construction


    High Resolution Photos HD Video 2D Orthomosaic Maps 3D Orthorectified Models Point Cloud Data Site Scouting Site Monitoring Site Surveying Preventative Maintenance Visual Inspections Thermal Inspections

  • Example Applications

    Visual Inspection Progression Photos

    Thermal Inspections Site Scouting

  • 01 02 03 04What to Expect Out of 3rd Party Providers

    05 06Compliance Quality

    Control Logistics Flying Account

    Management Editing &

    Processing We handle all aspects of compliance with the FAA and local regulations. This allows for worry free operations for our clients.

    Our in house editing and processing team works closely with you and your account manager to understand the exact wants and needs of the teams involved.

    We work hard everyday to better understand you and your business, as well as how what you do fits into the larger industrial ecosystem to provide you with the long term customer support you deserve.

    Our operators are skilled and proficient. You can trust the media and data will be of the highest professional order and that you and your clients will be treated with respect and professionalism.

    We handle all aspects of getting your drone operation completed. Our services are turn-key and comprehensive. Ask for a drone flight and get a drone flight.

    All media and data from local operations are processed by our in house processing team. This allows us to ensure quality of deliverables to our clients.

  • Creativity. Passion. Experience.Fully Insured. FAA Exempt.