integrating content strategy into your user experience (ux) design process

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The content we put on our websites is an afterthought, lumped in with marketing that happens after a site is built. But a great content strategy starts during the wireframing process and continues long after a site design is finished. This deck is geared towards giving content strategists some practical tips to propose to your teams to make sure that you can carve out space and time in a project so that you can do your work well. It includes two real life examples AND some Super Mario references.


  • 1. Integrating Content Strategy and UX October 2, 2014 a presentation by Kate Eyler-Werve
  • 2. About Mightybytes We solve problems by: UX research and strategy Responsive web design and development Content strategy Digital marketing and SEO Motion graphics Product development Drupal, Wordpress, Expression Engine !
  • 3. Who We Work With Mightybytes has over a decade of experience helping both for-profit and nonprofit organizations meet their goals.
  • 4. Is your content strategy Princess Peach?
  • 5. How to do Content First web design + People Process + Phase
  • 6. The People Project Manager Developer Content Strategist UX Designer
  • 7. The Process Business Goals Audience Goals Metrics Sketch
  • 8. The Project Phase: Concepting
  • 9. Documentation and Deliverables Annotated Wireframes Site Maps
  • 10. Example 1: Building a new site a presentation by
  • 11.
  • 12. Wireframes Learn about the smart grid Rank high in SEO Page 1, Google Search
  • 13. Wireframes Process: Joint wireframe sketch session Deliverable: Annotated Wireframes
  • 14. Site Map When do I get the smart meter? Rank high in SEO Page 1, Google Search
  • 15. Site Map Process: Joint site mapping Deliverable: Landing page
  • 16. Example 2: Iterating an existing site a presentation by
  • 17. Homepage Design Can Mightybytes solve my problem? Showcase our expertise without a slider Clicks throughs
  • 18. Plan A: The Grid Approach: Grid Result: 6% click through rate
  • 19. Plan B: Single Call to Action Approach: Single CTA Result: 21% click through rate
  • 20. Reduce Pages Can Mightybytes solve my problem? Minimize number of website pages Eliminate low click pages
  • 21. Plan A: Remove Services Page 404 Page Not Found Approach: Cut page w/ 2% views Result: Moz rank crash
  • 22. Plan B: Add Capabilities Section Approach: Add capabilities Result: Moz rank recovery
  • 23. The Thrilling Conclusion! a presentation by
  • 24. Its dangerous to go alone. Take this! + People Process + Phase
  • 25. ! Presentation by Kate Eyler-Werve