Interactive Design UI/UX ?· Interactive Design UI/UX Competencies The functionality and usability of…

Download Interactive Design UI/UX ?· Interactive Design UI/UX Competencies The functionality and usability of…

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  • Interactive Design UI/UX

    Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text.*

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    *Morrison, K. Social Times. 20 Marketing Trends and Predictions to Consider for 2014. October 13, 2013

    Interactive Design UI/UX Competencies

    The functionality and usability of your system or website is paramount. It needs to be designed to be intuitive so that steps flow logically from one to another.

    With the multitude of browsers and devices on the market today, its also critical your users have a consistent user experience no matter how, when or where they access your website or digital systems. We can lead you through the jungle of form versus function to deliver a product that functions as expected, and give your organization that wow factor.

    Information Architecture &

    Interaction Design

    Wireframing & Template Design

    Responsive Design Usability TestingHi-Fidelity Mockups

  • About ECS TeamECS Team is a technology consulting firm that helps our clients accelerate digital transformation, improve productivity and streamline business operations. We have completed hundreds of successful projects ranging from custom development and cloud application migration to workplace collaboration solutions and complex system integrations. Our senior-level, technical consultants are experts in delivering technology-driven solutions for enterprises nationwide.

    Why Interactive Design?We provide our clients the opportunity to improve the usability and appearance of both new, and existing digital environments. We believe doing so will improve the companys image, overall employee satisfaction and provide greater efficiency. If users are happy with their digital environments, they will use them.

    Interactive Design UI/UX Services

    Interactive Design Assessment

    Client Direction Go Forward Plan

    Discovery Deployment


    Browser TestingDevice Testing


    Wire FramingHi-Fidelity MockupsInteractive Demos


    Productivity User Adoption

    EfficiencyData Quality


    Enhancements Updates


    Eciency & ProductivityUser ExperienceUser Adoption

    StandardizationSuccess Rate

    Development Time & CostsTraining & Documentation

    Support CostsRedesign Costs

    User Errors