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Interactive Jumpstarters for Beginners. NYSTESOL Nov 2013 C. Carlson, J. Michielli-Pendl, C. Underwood Project MAST 2 ER SUNY Fredonia . Welcome!. What’s your name?. Warm up: . Introductions: “I’m Ms. Carlson.” Name game. Introduce yourself. Practice with teacher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Starting School

Interactive Jumpstarters for BeginnersNYSTESOL Nov 2013C. Carlson, J. Michielli-Pendl, C. UnderwoodProject MAST2ERSUNY Fredonia

Welcome!Whats your name?

Warm up: Introductions: Im Ms. Carlson.Name game

Introduce yourselfPractice with teacherHello, my name is Ms. Carlson.Hi, my name is ________.Nice to meet you.Pass it on Student to student practice

Introduce Each Other______, this is ______.______, this is ______.Nice to meet you.Nice to meet you, too.

Dialogue: Please spell thatA: Whats your first name?B: Ana. (Andrew)A: Whats your last name?B: Santos.A: Please spell that.B: S-A-N-T-O-S.

Pairwork: Letter SoundsA:HeistCarlsonLyonsGonzalesBulger

B:DunkirkBuffaloFredoniaErieSilver Creek

Pairwork: Letter SoundsD:ScienceMathGlobalEnglishHealth


*Ask the students in your group these questions*Write the answers in the chart Whats your first name?Whats your last name?Where are you from?What language do you speak?Whats your nationality?Whats your street address?What city do you live in?Whats your zip code?Whats your phone number?What grade are you in?What school do you go to?How old are you?Personal InformationSchedule GroupworkQuestion123Whats your name?Whats your first class?What class do you have period 3?What class do you have after lunch?Whats your 5th period class?What period do you have math?What period do you have social studies?Whats your last class?_______s schedulePeriodClassYour Classmates ScheduleWhat class does she/she have first? Who is his/her 1st period teacher?What time does he/she have math?What period does he/she have science?What time does he/she have ESL?What period does he/she have lunch? What class does he/she have after lunch?Whats his/her 7th period class?What class does he/she have at 12:30?What is his/her last class?Answer in your notebook

Do you have a niece or nephew?Do you have family in Jayuya?Do you have family in New York City?This is mine!Thats yours!Dont touch mine!Get your own!This is mine!Thats yours!This is mine!Thats yours!This is mine!Thats yours! Thats yours!Thats yours!Hey, what are you doing?What are you doing with that?Thats mine!Hey, what are you doing?What are you doing with that?Thats his!Hey, what are you doing?What are you doing with that?Thats hers!Whats mine is mine.Whats yours is yours.Whats his is his.Whats hers is hers.Whats ours is ours.Whats theirs is theirs.

Chant: Selfish!Jazz Chants, Carolyn Graham, 1978.


Information Gap

Classroom Info GapPairwork: People in the SchoolQuestionYour Answers__________s Answers1. Who is our principal?2. Who is our assistant principal?3. Who is your counselor?4. Who is your math teacher?5. Who is your social studies teacher?6. Who is your gym teacher?7. Who is our nurse?8. Who is your 3rd period teacher?9. Who is your 8th period teacher?10. Who is your 1st period teacher?Where do they work?

Main OfficeGuidance OfficeAll the SchoolHealth OfficeCafeteriaClassroomsLibrary(Media Center)Gym

PrincipalAssistant principalSecretaryCounselorSecretaryPsychologistSocial workerCustodianCleanerCookServerCashierLibrarianGym teacherCoachTeacherStudentAideConsultant teacherNurseWhat do they do everyday?JobWhat do they do everyday?A principalAn assistant principalA secretaryA librarianA custodianA nurseA counselorA cafeteria workerA teacherAn aideA studentWhat do they do?explain to studentsobserves teachersorganizes books, CDs, DVDs and equipmentgive advice plan lessons gives ice packssolves problemsgive detention and suspensionhelps the principaldo homeworkcook and serve foodwrite, read, studymakes appointmentsanswer phones checks sick studentstype on the computerCleans the schooltake moneyteaches sportsanswers the phonehelps teachers and students find booksmake student schedulesfixes things Use this word bank to fill in cloze.Try not to look at text!There are many people who work in Dunkirk Middle School. People work in the Main Office, the Guidance Office, the library, the Health Office, the classrooms, and the cafeteria. Some people work all around the school.

People in the School:What do they do everyday?#3Main OfficeFour people work in the Main Office. The principal is Mr. Boyda. He ___________ ______________. He also __________________. The assistant principal is Mr. Vallone. He _________________. He gives _______________. The secretaries are Ms. Lynne and Ms. Barberich. They _________________ and ___________________.

Four people work in the Guidance Office. Mr. Jagoda, Ms. Nieves, and Ms. Manzella. They are counselors. They _________________ and ______________. Ms. Glapa is the secretary. She __________________. She also ___________________.


Library (Media Center)One person works in the library. Ms. Stolinksi is the librarian. She ____________ ____________________. She also _____________________, CDs, DVDs and equipment.

Health Office (Nurses office)Ms. Mosher works in the Health Office. She is the nurse. She ________________. She also _________________________.

ClassroomsTeachers and students work in classrooms. Ms. Carlson and Ms. Valone-Panek are ESL teachers. Ms. Lutz and Mr. Vandette are Social Studies teachers. Mr. Cook is a P.E. teacher. Ms. Lichorat and Mr. Szymczak are Math teachers. Teachers _____________________ and _________________. Students ____________, ____________, and ________________.