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INTERCEPT Technology™ Packaging for Corrosion and Static Dissipative Protection for Defense Not for public distribution.

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  • INTERCEPT TechnologyPackaging for Corrosion and Static Dissipative Protection for DefenseNot for public distribution.

  • Total storage and shipping corrosion preservation solutions volatile and oil free

  • Total storage and shipping corrosion preservation solutions volatile and oil freeSampling of customers

    General Electric ITN 54750.xx Corrosion Inhibiting Packaging Material.Australian Defence Standard DEF(AUST)1000C Part 3 for preservation packaging.English MOD standard Def Stan 81-41 Part 2, methods 1 and 1C & Def Stan 81-41 Part 1A and 11 corrosion protection.Rolls Royce Rationalised Process Specification RPS 367 corrosion protection. Boeing Qualification for ESD Safe and Corrosion Inhibiting Packaging Material Raytheon acceptance Static and Corrosion preservationMIL-PRF81705E Ty1 Cl 1 (type 2 and 3)- Mil-Prf131K Ty 1 Cl 1Alcatel-Lucent X Specification X21386 static and corrosion preservationIntel packaging and crating specification static and corrosion preservation.

  • Highly porous copper particles are permanently embedded in a plastic matrix and react with all corrosive gases an elements. The Technology was designed to protect all materials under all environmental conditions equally.


    SALT-FOG Test Data Comparison


    Intercept VCI-126 MIL-PRF-131

    Metal coupon Poly Poly Foil / Poly

    4-mil 4-mil 5-mil

    Steel 102 28 62

    Aluminum 130 59 91

    Brass 130 28 91

    Zinc 97 59 77

  • Intercept Technology Awards

    Intercept is the only anti-corrosion Material to win an environmental Award from the German Government

    The process of using Intercept for Export shipping is ISO Certified The only process with this certification

    Intercept won silver for bulk packaging

  • Current military specifications

  • English MOD tested and approved for standard:

    Def Stan 81-41 Part 2, methods 1 and 1C

    Def Stan 81-41 Part 1A and 11

    Secretary of the Australian Defence Packaging Committee

    As Intercept meets the requirements of the UK standard then they can supply to the ADF because EF(AUST)1000C Part 3 ABCA has listed that UK standard as equivalent.

    Defence Standard

  • Highlights of changes to Lucent X Specification X21386, Issue 4, April,07 Requires the use of Static Intercept as the primary packaging material to be used for all Alcatel-Lucent products. No other materials pass the current specification.The use of non-compliant materials as the primary packaging material for Alcatel-Lucent products is expressly prohibited.


  • Rolls Royce Plc Testing

    1000 Hours Salt Fog then 1000 Hours High Humidity

    Protected in an 6 mil Intercept Bag No rust / No corrosion

    Testing Logo.jpg&imgrefurl=

  • Lucent

    Road case with Intercept Foam and Intercept canvas solution for the protection of deployable Satellite antennae and Dish


  • In the field example Land

  • 2000 CabsStewart & Stevenson (Armor Holdings) came up with the idea of lining a crate top and bottom with Intercept Technology material. The team made a presentation TACOM packaging, comparing the cost of the wooden container with Intercept Technology lining compared to a metal container. TACOM decided to go with the wood container with Intercept Technology lining.

    After a full on-site review of the LASC reusable container design in Kuwait, representatives of the U.S. Army Material Command Logistics Support Activity, Packaging, Storage and Containerization Centre in Tobyhanna, Penn. made the following statement in their report:After a review of the process, it was determined that the repackaging process was perfect for the application. By originally designing the container to be reusable, the contractor was able to very easily ship the old cabs home at a minimum in labour and material cost. This is an outstanding example of reusable packaging at work.

  • NIPHLE awarded its 2006 Long-Life Packaging Award, and Best of Show honors to the US Army TACOM, Stewart & Stephenson Corp, and Advanced International Services on 7 June 2006 for a specialty crate lined on the inside with Intercept Technology packaging.

    NIPHLE awarded its 2006 Long-Life Packaging Award, and Best of Show honors to the US Army TACOM, Stewart & Stephenson Corp, and Advanced International Services on 7 June 2006 for a specialty crate lined on the inside with Intercept Technology packaging.

    Intercept lined crates holding Humvees going from TX to Kuwait 2000 shipped, no damage and no rust

  • Engines , Shafts for Military vehicles

    In the field example vehicles (land)

  • Armoured Vehicles

  • In the field example Air

  • The Defence Science & Technology Organisation (DSTO) and The Royal Australian Air Force with Canada are conducting follow-on fatigue testing of the F/A-18 A/B Hornet because the use of the aircraft in Australian and Canadian service is different from that in US Navy service for which it was designed and tested by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing). Australia committed to testing the rear fuselage and tail assembly while Canada was to test the centre fuselage and wings.

    Application PicturesPrinted with permission from DSTO Melbourne Australia not to be used in any other formatWithout permission due to copyright

    Application WordingWording Printed with permission from DSTO Melbourne Australia

    Not to be used in any other format.

    Parts stored at facility for up to 15 years

  • Aircraft storage

  • Turbines ,Lasers ,Wings ,AC units , Electronics and Power units

  • Aircraft Engines ,Drop tanks ,Hangers and Workshops

  • Helicopters and Blades

  • Helicopter turbines and Tail rotors

  • Packaging Materials, Qualification OfESD Safe and Corrosion InhibitingPackaging Material

  • Aircraft pre-made kits

  • In the field example Marine

  • Winches ,Hatches ,Launchers and Dive chambers

  • Case studies demonstrating cost savings utilising Intercept


  • Results: 60,000 parts packaged, zero field defects

    Nichols Aircraft has packaged over 60,000 parts without a field defect due to corrosion in transit or in storage. In addition:

    Exceeds OH&S requirements, safe from hazardous fumes, and more productive.

    The Quality Control department is now able to inspect stored parts without tearing packages, then resealing.

    The facilities department saved thousands of dollars by not having to equip the packaging department in their new plant with heat sealing equipment, ventilation ducts, filtering systems, and vacuums.

    Nichols spent the savings on equipment that was more productive to their manufacturing operation.

    Plus, of course, all this is possible while improving their packaging protection

    Case study

  • 32


    Intercept Method


    Old Method

    Spray Oil Coat

    Apply wax


    Put in PE Bag

    Put in Foil Bag

    Vacuum Seal

    Box and Store /


    5 Processes (Steps)

    Air Handling Requirement

    4 Materials

    Total Pack Time - 25 Minutes

    Place in Static Intercept

    Zipper Closure Bag

    Box and Store /


    1 Process Step (no air handling concern)

    1 Material (reduced inventory and cost)

    Total Pack Time - 5 Seconds

    No Rejections

    Over 100,000

    Parts packed

    0 Rejects

  • Intercept technology is not just for metal every thing needs Intercept


  • Gun ,Cannon and Ammunition protection

  • Gun ,Cannon ,Radar and Rib protection

  • Several Methods Exist to Reduce Condensation

    (1) Bladder to reduce trapped air

    (2) Desiccant we recommend 16 units per cubic meter of free air space if you have a 3ft x 3 ft x 3 ft container with 50% of the volume taken up with an engine block it would require 8 units of desiccant. We are not trying to maintain less than 37% RH as required for dry packaging, we are trying to avoid dew points.

    (3) Intercept bag or wrap using a VCI emitter Northrop uses a large Intercept bag coupled with VCI emitters to store and ship AWACS wings. This complies with the mil spec and provides for long term corrosion protection and the ability to store outdoors.

    (4) Slight machine oil coating Intercept has been proven by the Singapore military to be able to preserve grease and protective oils on wrapped vehicles and bridge segments for up to 2 years. By keeping the ozone, nitrous gases, sulfur and chlorine gases, as well as dust from the oils and greases they can be kept pristine, dramatically slowing down the oxidation and degradation of the oils.

  • The Two Best Methods Found for Controlling RH and Condensation

    (1) Hang Desiccant needs to be replaced whenever the enclosure is opened. Desiccant must be removed prior to operation (16 units / m3 of free air space).

    (2) Use our unique method of Intercept pillows to reduce the trapped air inside large void areas. Condensation predominantly will occur inside the pillow. Proven on military vehicles stored for 6 months to 2 years in Singapore. The pillows allow for rapid removal, becoming operational quickly.

  • Internal Cannon protection

  • Arms protection

  • Rockets and Heat shield protection

  • Testing

  • Large Temperature Operating Range due to no volatiles ( from 35C to +80C) Permanent ESD coupled with long term corrosion protection ( > 10 years) Cost effective (total cost is lower for end users) The material and the packaging process itself are ISO 9001:2000 certifiedWith no outgassing and no NVR (non-volatile residue) is safe for all electronics and optics. Environmentatlly friendly - RohS compliant, TRGS 615 and TRGS 900 compliant (Europe), recyclable and the only anti-corrosion packaging to win a German Gov Environmental Award ESD 106 -108 Surface Resistivity (even at less than 5% RH) Cleanroom compatible does not outgas, slough, or contaminate (qualified by NASA for space flight, Intel, Lucent, Cisco Systems, Boeing, Matushita, Hitachi, Siemens, and more)

    Why use Intercept Technology

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    A Global Expert NetworkINTERCEPT Technology Group

    Our packaging and conservation specialists areavailable through a unique global network tosupport your packaging needs. We can supportour clients with local expertise and globalstrategies to enable the conservation forProduction, Shipment, Delivery , Assembly andStorage with competitive, modern and innovativesolutions.

    simply better protection!

  • Intercept Technology

    clean packaging technology

    ...Simply Better Protection

    This presentation is offered as a guideline and only represent values tested under conditions available for Intercept Technology Group (ITG). Although the information given is , to the best of our knowledge, accurate, reliable and complete, it remains still the users responsibility to assure the correct application and thus usability. Intercept Technology Group assumes no liability in connection with the use of this information whatsoever. It does not represent a warrantee or guarantee of any kind. This information is subject to change by ITG without notice.

    Intercept Technology is registered by EMI Corp.