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Intercultural Communication. China vs. Germany Guest lecturer: Lina Gaigalaite . General information. China. Germany. Biggest population in the EU Fits 27 times into China Strongest economy in the EU Democracy Christianity. Biggest population in the world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Intercultural Communication

Intercultural CommunicationChina vs. GermanyGuest lecturer: Lina Gaigalaite 1Intercultural CommunicationGeneral informationChinaBiggest population in the world4th biggest country in the worldRising economyRuled by a communist partyBuddhism, Daoism, ConfucianismGermanyBiggest population in the EUFits 27 times into ChinaStrongest economy in the EUDemocracyChristianity2Intercultural CommunicationStereotypesChinaSmall persons, tiny narrow eyes, look all the sameEat dogs, rice and drink tea

Fake of productsAlways smiling

GermanyBlond hair, blue eyes, Bavarian dress codeEat sausages, cabbage and drink beerHigh quality of productsNo sense of humour, very serious

3Intercultural CommunicationValuesChinaCollectivisticRespect of family, state and rulesImportant to keep faceGermanyIndividualisticRespect of family, state and rulesImportant to keep face4Intercultural CommunicationEye contact

ChinaIndirect eye contact sign of good manners and gesture of respectDirect eye contact and staring is uncommonGermanyDirect eye contact sign of attendance and self confidenceNo eye contact shows disinterest and shyness

5Intercultural CommunicationBody language

ChinaNodding is a sign of understandingShaking the head means yesPoint with an open handStand closer together than in Germany, but never touchTake a bow for greetings or a soft handshakeUse both hands when offering somethingGermanyNodding means yesShaking the head means noPoint with forefingerDistance is about an arm lengthStrong handshakeUse only one hand when offering something

6Intercultural CommunicationLeadership and decision - makingChinaFlat hierarchySlow decision making by the group collectivisticProcess - orientedGermanyVertical hierarchyFast and methodical decision making by the leader individualisticDetail - oriented7Intercultural CommunicationMeetings and negotiationsChinaAppointments should be made 2 3 weeks in advancePunctuality is importantGuests are generally escorted to their seats and are seated in descending rank orderMeetings should begin with a small talk or an introductionGermanyAppointments should be made 2 3 weeks in advancePunctuality is importantGuests wait to be told where to sitSmall talk and relationship building are not priorities8Intercultural CommunicationPresentationsChinaNever wear white , blue and black clothes colours of mourning Look at the business card if they get one GermanyNo colour restrictions

If you get a business card, you dont have to look at it 9Intercultural CommunicationGift givingChinaAlways bring a giftThey commit to a returnTreatments build a relationship A gift has to be packed colours: red, pink or yellowKitschy gifts are betterNo cut flowers, no watch, no sharp objectsGermanyNot always bring a giftThey commit to a returnGifts are more formal No colour restrictionsFormal are betterCut flowers, bottle of wine

10Intercultural Communication

11Intercultural CommunicationClassifications of culturesEdward T. HallHigh context vs. low context culturesDimensions of time (monochronic - polychronic)Relationship of man with nature and space

12Intercultural Communication

13Intercultural CommunicationGeert HofstedeFinal conclusionCultures are very differentIntercultural communication is complicated

Be tolerant, inform yourself and mind the ambiguity 14Intercultural Communication


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