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    rug collection

  • about interiors by element Colourful, striking interior products inspired by exotic natural environments

    I started Interiors by Element to create designs that tell a story and share my

    love of the natural world. I believe that living a life connected to nature makes us

    happier, and bringing elements of the outdoor world into our interiors is a great

    place to start. I am forever searching for new and intriguing natural objects and

    processes to translate into beautiful interior products and I want my designs to

    inspire and intrigue you. I don’t believe in stating the obvious or playing it safe –

    Interiors by Element products are designed to be bold, striking and individualistic.

    My design process begins with observation and photography, and I always

    carry a camera to record any beautiful or unusual natural objects I come

    across. Working from these photographs, I draw all my designs by hand first as

    stylized black and white drawings, then scan them to finalize the colourways

    and repeat structures digitally.

    I am committed to delivering a quality product that will sit proudly in your

    space for years to come, and have been fortunate to develop long-standing

    relationships with trusted suppliers which allows me to focus on what I do best –

    creating innovative new products. I love working with my clients directly to create

    a product to fit their requirements and specialize in bespoke and custom orders.

    Seeing the products I have created being used and enjoyed in my clients’ homes

    and interior spaces is the best part of running my business.

    Belma Kapetanovic Founder, Interiors by Element

    Palm Frond rug in Rust

  • lost in space collection

    ‘Lost in Space’ is the newest rug collection from Interiors by Element. It is a

    dramatic selection of six rugs inspired by stars, planets and other celestial bodies.

    Deep navy and violet hues punctuated with electric pops of chartreuse, orange

    and teal characterize this collection, and create a retro feel that takes you back to

    a time when space travel was a prevalent theme in design.

    Highlights include the ‘Saturn’s Rings’ rug (below) – a striking, bold diagonal

    stripe design inspired by Saturn’s elegant rings and its Mimas moon in orbit,

    and the ‘Orbit’ and ‘Star Cluster’ rug, either of which would make a stunning

    centrepiece in a midcentury-inspired interior. The striking flatness and simplicity

    of the ‘Orbit’ rug also makes it the perfect rug for small spaces.

    Saturn’s Rings rug in Violet

  • aurora shooting star star cluster

  • glow orbit saturn’s rings

  • round rugs & runners

    I recently began offering a selection of round

    rugs and hallway runners alongside my standard

    rectangular rug designs, which have proved

    very popular as they make it even easier to find

    something unique for a hard-to-fill space. The

    circular pattern of the ‘Star Cluster’ rug lends

    itself really well to a round rug, while the irregular

    stripes of the ‘Aurora’ rug create an eye-catching

    and impactful hallway runner.

    Look out for additional round rugs and runners in

    other collections on the following pages.

    star cluster round aurora runner

  • aerial collection

    The ‘Aerial’ collection of geometric rugs is inspired by views of the earth from

    above, including mountains, fields and cities. The versatile patterns of the

    Aerial rug collection can be effortlessly integrated into a wide variety of stylish,

    contemporary interior spaces.

    Highlights include the ‘Gorge’ rug, whose elegant curved pattern is inspired

    by a topographic map, the ‘Cultivate’ rug, which is inspired by fields that have

    been neatly parcelled out for agriculture, and the ‘All Roads Lead To...’ rug

    which is inspired by a city or settlement when viewed from above. ‘Cultivate’

    is available as a hallway runner (pictured on the left) as well as a standard

    rectangular rug, and ‘All Roads Lead To...’ is also available as a round rug.

    Cultivate runner in Ocean

  • gorge all roads lead to...

  • cultivateharvest

  • harvest runner cultivate runnerall roads lead to... round

  • woodland collection

    Inspired by the natural world close to home such as parks, ponds and gardens as

    well as more unusual, exotic foliage seen in rainforests, the soothing green hues

    of the ‘Woodland’ rug collection will bring the outdoors into your home and

    create a calm, natural environment.

    This collection incorporates many of my earliest Interiors by Element designs

    that have stood the test of time. The ‘Pond Life’ rug is a perennial favourite, as

    its cheerful lilypad print evokes a fresh, natural look and feel that makes it a

    great choice for any room in the house. The versatility of the striped ‘Sediment’

    rug (pictured on the left), which is inspired by layers of the earth’s surface, also

    makes it a great choice for a wide variety of residential and commercial spaces.

    ‘Sediment’ also works well as a custom rug in almost any colour scheme.

    Another favourite, the elegant ‘Palm Frond’ rug is a great choice for a focal point

    in a living space, and the ‘Rust’ colourway in particular gives a cosy, autumnal

    feel that would sit beautifully next to a fireplace.

    Sediment rug in Chocolate

  • flutes kaleidoscope palm frond

  • frond flamboyant pods bottle tree

  • sediment pond life tree stump

  • pond life round tree stump round milkweed

  • under the sea collection

    Discovering the underwater world through diving and snorkelling has always

    been a passion of mine, and The Under the Sea’ modern rug collection is

    inspired by the ocean and the little-known, unusual creatures that inhabit it.

    Deep jewel tones of blue and turquoise are the focal point of this collection, with

    many designs also available in a second green colourway.

    This collection incorporates the first three shaped rugs from Interiors by

    Element - ‘Star Coral’, ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Coral Atoll.’ These rugs were launched

    online earlier this year and are inspired by star coral, brain coral and mushroom

    coral formations respectively. They are perfect for an eclectic, contemporary

    interior, for those who truly want to make a bold statement.

    star coral

  • coral atolllabyrinth

  • seaweed knots kelp forest dew drops

  • floral explosion collection

    A far cry from traditonal floral prints, the bold, striking designs of the ‘Floral

    Explosion’ rug collection are inspired by exotic and unusual flower shapes and

    exhibit a graphic, retro sensibility.

    The ‘Dahlia’ rug in particular displays a very strong retro influence, with the

    orange and brown hues of the ‘Sunset’ colourway serving as a vivid reminder

    of 1970s colour palettes. It is available as both a standard rectangular and

    round rug, either of which would make a magnificent focal point in a quirky,

    midcentury-inspired interior.

    dahlia round

  • camellia passiflora dahlia

  • essentials rugs

    Brightly coloured, statement rugs will always

    be my signature, but not every space calls for

    a statement rug. Introducing ‘Essentials’ – a

    selection of my most popular rugs reworked

    in sophisticated, neutral colourways. These

    elegant designs add a calming, nature-inspired

    backdrop to any interior scheme.

    sediment frond

  • pond life gorge cultivate

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