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Transcripts of Q&A with IFFL CEO Brian Slack

(Brians opening statement)Good afternoon members of the press, or as our fellow-NFL fans in the Land Down Under always say, Good Day! I am honored to announce that the great nation of Australia has officially entered the IFFL competition. Representing Australia is Mr. Joshua Mann and the name of his fantasy team is StormOZ. Joshua is a Detroit Lions fan, which shows hes loyal, because speaking for myself, I would have given up on the Lions decades ago (smile). Seriously though, we are all delighted to have Joshua on board. And, you know, you can tell a lot about a person in the company they keep. When you go to Joshuas Facebook page, you see him with really decent, down-to-earth folks. Joshua works for Visy Board, a paper and packaging company in Wodonga, Victoria. Wodonga has a population of 38,000 and is nestled between Sydney and Melbourne. With the addition of Australia and the release of Brazil, the IFFL maintains a 7th different nation and a 4 different continent amongst her members. Questions?

(On what StormOZ means.)According to Joshua, Storm is a partial name he uses for his other fantasy and John Madden teams. OZ is derived from the word Aussies which is derived from Australians. Like I told Joshua, Oz has less syllables than Aussies or Australians, which allows someone less time to articulate themselves, and I suppose that is always a good thing. Hence, another way of defining StormOZ is to say Storm of the Australians.

(On why Brazil was removed.)Im not commenting on that other than to say it was a very unpleasant and very weird experience dealing with Pedro.

(On if Brian is concerned about upsetting Brazilians.)I hope not. Ive made many Brazilian friends and I hold no grudge against them. Things didnt work out. Thats all. If they want to get upset at anybody, they should reserve their angst for Pedro. I have a business to run and a lot of people are counting on me to move this international competition forward. I have to look out for them as well as myself. My decision to exclude Brazil was not based on anything personal. It was good, sound business.

(On if Brian will re-approach Brazil in the future.)First of all, I hope we never have to search for another country or anybody else to join the league. Before, we had eleven outstanding men, and with Joshua, now we have twelve. I am convinced we found the right man in Joshua and hes going to fit into our loop just fine. Secondly, for those of you who were with us last year, youll remember we invited Brazil to join us then, but ultimately went through the very same thing as we did with Pedro. It isnt as though I didnt try. But, when determination turns into stubbornness, thats when you gotta face reality and realize that Brazil has nothing to do with our destiny.

(On Brian celebrating his 21st year covering the NFL.)It has been an amazing ride. If you would have told me 21 years and 1 month ago that I would go on to assemble the nations first-ever off-season NFL television show, string together successful radio gigs and would create the worlds most recognized international fantasy football competition, I would have thought you were out of your mind. But, God works in mysteries ways. Much like Jonah in the Old Testament, when I first received this calling, I thought the Almighty had gone mad. At the time, I was 38 years old. Most folks begin their sports careers 15 years earlier than I did. Plus, I had absolutely no experience, either as a writer or broadcaster. But, when God has a plan as part of your destiny, you can run, but you cannot hide. And once you succumb and obey, great things begin to happen. You change. Your life changes for the better.

(On how the game has changed since Brian became involved with the NFL.)On the field, the game is still the same as it was 100 or some odd years ago. You pass, you catch, you run, and you tackle. However, the way that the game is handled and all of the off-the-field intangibles have changed, and in my opinion, all for the worse. For instance, between the commercial breaks, team timeouts, official timeouts, coachs challenges, scoring reviews, and penalties, the whole thing has just gotten out of hand. Before all of these changes, an NFL game lasted roughly 3 hours long. In that span, there was an average of 13 minutes of actual play. As things stand now, fans are having to sit through an additional 10-15 minutes for the same 13 minutes of action. If the NFL wants to minimize some of that, they need to either let the officials do their job or get them off of the field and in front of video cameras up in the press box where they can make their calls more effectively and without having to constantly look over their shoulders. You pay people to do a job. Let them do it.

(On if Brian thinks the NFLs ratings will continue to drop.)Yes, I do. If it was just a matter of all of these idle interruptions, fans might be able to deal with it. But there are other underlying issues that have turned off a lot of folks, including myself. One is the NFL Network. They used to be the standard of all sports broadcasting companies. Now they are nothing more than an extension of the liberal media. To illustrate, the day after Americas presidential election, I watched the entire Good Morning Football episode and not once did any of the four cast members bother to acknowledge or congratulate Donald Trump for winning the election. Not cool! But, the most damaging of all that has been done in disgrace of the NFL shield is Roger Goodell and the three ill-advised decisions hes made. Firstly, by allowing 18 NFL players to dishonor the national anthem and our nations flag. Secondly, by disallowing the Cowboys organization when they wanted to honor five fallen police officers who were brutally gun down in the line of duty. Thirdly, and most recently, Goodell and his advisors threatened the great state of Texas that if they did not allow transgenders to use bathrooms of their choices, Texas could be denied hosting another Super Bowl. Dumb move. Throughout the world, the medical and mental fields recognize transgenderism and transvestitism as extremely serious mental disorders, including Oxford and Johns-Hopkins. Transgender and transvestite communities have the highest rates of violence, alcohol and drug abuse, rape and suicide; none of which have any room at an NFL game. Finally, I know this pales in comparison to everything else Ive addressed, but I sure would appreciate it if Mr. Goodell would stop it with all those prolonged hugs with young, strapping college players; especially with the rubbings of the backs. Thats just waaay to creepy. Like my dad always said, Boy, if you hug a man more than a second, youre making out with him.


SEVEN SEAS DIVISIONTEAMTEAM OWNERW-L-TPCT.PTS.OPP.GBy-Big Dawgs, USABerk Wiley9 4 0 .69214621299-x-Bleeding Blue, MEXJorge Boada7 6 0 .538161216252x-Men of Steel, UKGordon Dedman6 7 0 .462144914793Jaymin, CHIHui Guo5 8 0 .385147514634

FIRE & ICE DIVISIONTEAMTEAM OWNERW-L-TPCT.PTS.OPP.GBy-Hooked on A Thielen, UK Peter Carline11 2 0 .84619011428-Dash Prince, CHIHorace Chen6 7 0 .462165717035Procters, USACory Procter4 9 0 .308134916317Aaron's back: Call 911, MEXEmilio Leon4 9 0 .308115115487

FOUR WINDS DIVISIONTEAMTEAM OWNERW-L-TPCT.PTS.OPP.GBy-Remis Island, CANMichael Remis7 6 0 .53816241491-x-Mighty Cyclones, USAGridiron Goose7 6 0 .53815481532-Red Machine, RUSAlexey Karakay6 7 0 .462135514321Bowl Bound Mavericks, UKJason Ruth6 7 0 .462146114131

y- Division Winnerx- Wild Card



IFFL TEAMOWNERNATIONW-L-TPCT.Hooked On A ThielenPeter CarlineUK17-9-0.654Jaymin Hui GuoChina15-11-0.577Remis IslandMichael RemisCanada7-6-0.538Big DawgsBerk WileyUSA11-10-0.524Bleeding BlueJorge BoadaMexico13-13-0.500Dash Prince Horace ChenChina13-13-0.500Men of Steel Gordon DedmanUK13-13-0.500Red MachineAlexey KarakayRussia6-7-0.462Bowl Bound Mavericks Jason RuthUK11-15-0.423Mighty CyclonesGridiron GooseUSA11-15-0.423Procters Cory ProcterUSA8-18-0.308

IFFL TEAM RANKINGSIFFL TEAM POWER RANKINGS(Tie-breakers based on past head-to-head matchups.)(CBS Sportsline experts)

RK.TEAM, NATIONW-L-TRK.TEAM, NATIONPWR.RK.1.Hooked on a Thielen, UK11-2-01.Hooked on a Thielen, UK36.02.Big Dawgs, USA9-4-02.Remis Island, CAN29.03.Bleeding Blue, MEX7-6-03.Dash Prince, CHI27.54.Remis Island, CAN7-6-04.Mighty Cyclones, USA26.05.Mighty Cyclones, USA7-6-05t.Bleeding Blue, MEX25.06.Men of Steel, UK6-7-05t.Big Dawgs, USA25.07.Red Machine, RUS6-7-07.Jaymin, CHI16.08.Dash Prince, CHI6-7-08t.Men of Steel, UK14.59Bowl Bound Mavericks, UK6-7-08tBowl Bound Mavericks, UK14.510.Jaymin, CHI5-8-010.Red Machine, RUS11.511.Procters, USA4-9-011.Procters, USA05.812.Aarons Back: Call 911, MEX4-9-012.Aarons Back: Call 911, MEX03.5


Four teams that posted losing records in 2015 recorded above-.500 records in 2016. Likewise, all four teams that posted winning records in 2015 recorded below-.500 records in 2016;

IFFL TEAM20152016Aarons Back: Call 91110-3-04-9-0Big Dawgs*2-5-09-4-0Bleeding Blue6-7-07-6-0Dash Prince7-