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  • International Napoleonic Society Thirteenth International Napoleonic Congress Endings and Beginnings: The World in 1815

    6 10 July 2015 Bedford Hotel and Congress Centre

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Program Monday 6 July 8:30 Registration 9:00 Opening Ceremony Dr. William Chew, Country Host Mr. J. David Markham, President, International Napoleonic Society Session I Tadeusz M. Klupczynski, Poland, Chair 9:30 J. David Markham, USA/Canada, Decisions Good and Bad: Napoleon Before Waterloo

    10:15 Dennis Potts, USA, The Fateful Day: June 17, 1815, the Day Napoleon Lost Waterloo 10:45 Wayne Hanley, USA, Not so bad as some say: Ney at Quatre Bras 11:15 Susan Conner, USA, Dancing into Battle and Not Out Again: Women, War, and Waterloo

    11:45 Discussion 12:00 Lunch Session II Ruth Godfrey-Sigler, USA, Chair 1:30 Tadeusz M. Klupczynski, Poland, Waterloo Campaign in Letters of Sir Augustus Frazer 2:00 Jan Bosteels, Belgium, Brother against brother, the Waterloo experience of a true Belgian hero

    2:30 Alasdair White, Belgium, The Battle for Hougoumont: 1815 and 2015 3:30 Allon Klebanoff, Israel, "They came on in the same old way and we defeated them in the

    same old way." Should Waterloo be defined as a "Fredrician" or a "Napoleonic" battle?

    4:15 Round Table Discussion: What and/or Who Was Responsible for the French Defeat at Waterloo? J. David Markham (Chair), Wayne Hanley, Dennis Potts, Allon Klebanoff

    6:00 Cocktail Reception (no host) Tuesday 7 July Session III Allon Klebanoff, Israel, Chair 09:30 Alasdair White, Belgium, Dancing in the Time of War

    10:00 William Chew, Belgium, An American Diplomat Touring 'Paree' in the Hundred Days 10:30 Edna Markham, Canada, The Lay of the Land: Napoleonic Terrain Analysis Using Google


  • 11:00 Discussion 11:15 Lunch

    Session IV Alasdair White, Belgium, Chair 1:00 Zachary Stoltfus, USA, The Literary Emperor: Napoleon and His Librarians 1:30 Glenda Prez Lpez, Cuba, The Exile as Guarantor of the Propagation of the Ideas of the French

    Revolution: J. B. Vermay in Havana and J.L. David in Brussels after 1815 2:00 Allon Klebanoff, Israel, To be announced 2:45 Discussion 3:00 Round Table Discussion: Napoleon Won!! So, What Happens Next? (Susan Conner (Chair),

    Alasdair White, William Chew, J. David Markham) Wednesday 8 July Session V Wayne Hanley, USA, Chair 9:30 Ivane Menteshashvii, Georgia, Napoleon and His Authority: The Main Characteristics 10:00 Ruth Godfrey-Sigler, USA, The Counterinsurgency Manual Napoleon Refused to Publish (a

    paper largely researched by the late Jack Sigler and presented in his memory) 10:30 Enrique Sada Sandoval, Mexico, The Living Legacy: Napoleonic Influence in Mexican

    Independence (paper dedicated to Dr. Manuel Medina Elizondo) 11:00 Discussion 11:15 Lunch Session VI Enrique Sada Sandoval, Mexico, Chair 1:00 Elena Khonineva, Russia, With Caulaincourt in Russia 1:30 Sakharova Liudmila, Russia, Russian Cossacks in Paris in 1814 2:00 Romain Buclon. France, Milan From Napoleonic to Austrian Empire 2:30 Johan Op de Beeck, Belgium, Waterloos Participants and Implications 3:00 Discussion, End of Academic Congress

    Thursday 9 July Battlefield Tour and Gala Dinner Friday 10 July Visit to Army Museum and Palace

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