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A challenging scavenger hunt I created for my undergrad courses. It is designed to help students work collaboratively, tap into social networks, think beyond search engines, and learn more about collective intelligence.


<p>Internet Scavenger Hunt Rule 1: Do not leave the classroom. Rule 2: You cannot ask Dr. Vickery for answers. You can ask her yes or no questions for help, which she may or may not answer. Have fun and good luck! 1. What was Michael Jordan's scoring average during his last year of high school? 2. What year did Bill Clinton adopt the family pet, Socks? 3. What woman was the first basketball player to play on 4 Olympic teams? 4. What movie title contains the word "brother" and stars George Clooney? 5. The movie 'Stand By Me', is taken from what Stephen King short story? 6. How many floral arrangements are available on 1800-Flowers for under $75? 7. Who dedicated Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 1940? 8. How many books are featured on Oprahs Kids Reading List, ages 12 and up? 9. What is the cheapest non-stop flight from Dallas to New York City tomorrow? 10. If you left RIGHT NOW, whats the soonest you could be in Santa Barbara? 11. What are the first spoken words (i.e. in quotes) in Jane Austens book, Pride &amp; Prejudice? 12. What is the first sentence in Gillian Flynns book, Gone Girl? 13. Who has contributed the most to The The Beatles (band) Wikipedia page? 14. When was the first time The Beatles in Film Wikipedia page was edited? 15. How many times has The Beatles Wikipedia page been viewed in the past 30 days? 16. If you do a search for University of North Texas, what percentage of the pages are rated Advanced Reading Level? 17. How many free E-books can you find about the Civil War? 18. How long would it take you to get from our classroom to the State Capitol of Texas using only public transit (e.g. buses, trains, rails - no taxis, cars, planes)? 19. In current traffic, how long would it take you to get from Fry Street Tavern to the Dallas Galleria? 20. What Fry Street bar has the dirtiest restrooms? Provide evidence. 21. Where is the best place to go for happy hour on Thursdays? Provide evidence. 22. Where is the best place to get a burger near campus? Provide evidence. 23. What Denton bar has the strongest drinks? Provide evidence. 24. How many students attend UNT home football games on average? 25. How many lines of code (e.g. html) is the homepage? 26. When and where is the first UNT womens softball game of the season? 27. What day of the week does Christmas fall on in 2022? 28. How many people attended the Oklahoma vs. Texas football game in 1955? 29. What was the UNT football win/lose record for the 2002-2003 season? 30. What is the latest time you can drop off a Fed-Ex package in Denton and still have it go out the same day? 31. Approximately how many scholarly articles have been published about Facebook and Privacy this year? 32. Where is the cheapest place to get a haircut in Denton? 33. In June, Twitter was experiencing problems delivering confirmation emails for new accounts - how many people Tweeted about this problem? 34. How many articles are available in Finnish that include the word iphone (not counting translated pages - but pages which are originally published in Finnish)? 35. Where is Dr. Vickerys office? 36. How old was Dr. Vickery on 9/11 of 2001?</p> <p>37. Who might be one of Dr. Vickerys favorite artist? 38. Who in the class has the longest last name? 39. Who in this class has the most Twitter followers? Identify the following flags:</p> <p>40.</p> <p>41.</p> <p>42.</p> <p>43.</p> <p>44.</p> <p>45.</p> <p>46.</p> <p>47.</p> <p>Identify the following logos:</p> <p>48.</p> <p>49.</p> <p>50.</p> <p>51.</p> <p>52.</p> <p>53.</p> <p>54.</p> <p>55.</p> <p>56.</p> <p>57.</p> <p>58.</p> <p>59.</p> <p>60.</p> <p>61.</p> <p>62.</p> <p>63.</p> <p>64.</p> <p>65.</p> <p>66.</p> <p>Identify the following people:</p> <p>67.</p> <p>68.</p> <p>69.</p> <p>70.</p> <p>71.</p> <p>72.</p> <p>73.</p> <p>74.</p> <p>75.</p> <p>76.</p> <p>77.</p> <p>78.</p> <p>79.</p> <p>80.</p>