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  • Course Syllabus Course Number: FRM 439 Course Title: Internship Class Meetings: Independent Study to be decided week 1Session/Year: Spring 2015 Instructor Name: Luisa Gil FandinoEmail Address: lgilfandino@aii.eduPhone: 914.255.8014 (text and phone)Instructor Availability Outside of Class: By appointment only.

    Internship Course Description: The course has been designed to acquaint the student with actual working conditions in an approvedretail establishment. This course is a supervised entry-level work experience in the retail/fashion fieldrequiring a minimum of 198 work hours. Individual conferences are required. Students are responsible forsecuring an internship job and may seek assistance through The Institute. Students gain experienceneeded to enter their field on graduation.

    Course Length: 11 WeeksContact Hours: 44 Hours Lecture: 22 hours Lab: 22 hours Credit Values: 3.0 CreditsInternship Hours: 90 hours

    Quarter Credit Hour

    A quarter credit hour is an amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes and verified byevidence of student achievement that is an institutionally established equivalency that reasonablyapproximates not less than:

    1. One hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two hours of out-of-classstudent work each week for 10-12 weeks, or the equivalent amount of work over a different

  • 1. One hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two hours of out-of-class

    student work each week for 10-12 weeks, or the equivalent amount of work over a differentamount of time; or

    2. At least an equivalent amount of work as required in paragraph (1) of this definition for otheracademic activities as established by the institution including laboratory work, internships,practica, studio work, and other academic work leading to the award of credit hours.

    Course Competencies:Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

    1. Analyze different classifications of apparel: mens, womens, childrens and discount in regardto price points, fit, construction and the market

    2. Identify problems and use critical thinking skills to solve problems

    3. Discuss the impact of pricing and re-pricing of merchandise

    4. Organize work properly for the purpose of attaining efficient and effective skills for the line-levelpositions

    5. Select and apply various management strategies in business situations

    6. Apply management skills to the selling function

    7. Demonstrate the ability to use sales skills

    8. Define retailing and relate retailing to the marketing concept with an emphasis on the total retailexperience.

    9. Communicate with customers and project the concept of a retail image

    10. Create a marketable window display

    Course Objectives:While competencies are specific areas of importance, objectives define a broader set of goals. At thecompletion of this course the student will be able to:

    - Develop a professional attitude toward responsibilities, keeping schedules and carrying outdirectives.

    - Assist in identifying a career objective.

    - Work cooperatively with others to achieve a common goal.

    - Conduct ones self in a professional manner at the internship site. This includes appropriatedress, language, self-disclosure, punctuality, etc.

    - Adhere to established timeframes for completion work.

    - Adhere to established requirements and standards for completion work.

    - Follow written and oral directions.

    - Communicate effectively, in writing and orally, with others.

    - Conduct networking activities with pertinent industry groups, individuals, and /or associations.

    - Demonstrate a willingness to learn. - Demonstrate motivation.

    - Maintain a code of professional ethics.

    - Recognize and adhere to safety policies and procedures in the working setting.

    Course Prerequisites: Approval of the department director/chairTextbook(s): n/a

    Technology Needed: Computer Lab, high quality printers

    Estimated Homework Hours: 90 Contact Hours + 2 hours per week of course work Grading Scale:All assignments must have clear criteria and objectives meet. All students shall be treated equitably. Itwill be that students right to know his/her grade at any reasonable point that information is requested by

  • Grading Scale:All assignments must have clear criteria and objectives meet. All students shall be treated equitably. Itwill be that students right to know his/her grade at any reasonable point that information is requested bythat student. The criteria for determining a students grade shall be as follows (on a percentage of totalpoints basis):

    A 100-93

    A- 92-90

    B+ 89-87

    B 86-83

    B- 82-80

    C+ 79-77

    C 76-73

    C- 72-70

    D+ 69-67

    D 60-66

    F (UF) 59 or below

    The Work Experience:The student is solely responsible for negotiating the terms of employment such as hours, pay, duties, etc,with the organization where they will be employed.

    Class Format: Minimum 90 internship contact hours with verification

    Internship agreement form (Learning Contract and Job Form)

    Student work performance report

    Internship essays, networking, portfolio, and presentations

    Instructor and student will communicate each week through email and with a report in the form ofa reflective journal which will be uploaded on doc sharing (create a folder with your name)highlighting the key opportunities and weaknesses during that week. You can use bullet points orthe format of your choice.

    Course Requirements: 1. The job form completed by the student is due on or before the First day of the quarter, 2. The learning contract developed and approved in cooperation with internship instructor is due on

    or before the First day of the quarter. 3. All paperwork is due Week 10 of the quarter.

    Experience Form:The Student Work Performance Report and Verification of Internship Experience form (attached) verifyingthe completion of at least 90 hours of employment is to be filled out by the employer.

    Methods of Assessment: Students progress and grade point totals towards completion of this coursecan be accessed through the e-Companion class online available on your portal. Thefinal grade will be determined as follows:

    Projects/Assignments 100%



    10% Internship Pre-Essay

    15% Networking

  • 10% Internship Pre-Essay

    15% Networking

    10% Internship Post Essay

    50% Internship Portfolio

    10% Internship Presentation

    5% Professionalism

    Process for Evaluation:Internship NotebookThe student will maintain a notebook that chronicles their internship experience. Portions of the notebookwill be evaluated weekly and/or at the mid-point of the quarter by the instructor, while the other portionswill be evaluated at the end of the quarter. This notebook should be organized in a 3-ring binder with atable of contents, section dividers and sheet protectors. It will include course syllabus, internshipagreement, pay stubs, supervisor survey, 3 goals, and weekly activity reports. Rubric attached in adifferent document.

    EvaluationsA total of four (2) written evaluations will be completed during the quarter (i.e., a mid-term and finalperformance evaluation completed by the site supervisor, and a mid-term and final self-evaluationcompleted by the student). Written evaluations will be weighted based on the comments of the internshipsite supervisor.

    Weekly Activity ReportsStudents must complete a Weekly Activity Report (WAR) each week of the internship that documents thestudents work schedule and outlines the duties/skills/tasks completed during the week. WARs are dueby 12 noon each Thursday for the previous week, except for the last week when hard copies areturned in with the notebook.This is how your attendance is determined for the Art Institute. Should you miss turning in thereport, you will be count as absent for the week. Please refer to the Attendance Policy listed below.


    An individual meeting will be scheduled with the instructor during Academic Week 1 and two groupdiscussions on week 5 and Week 10.

    Assignments & Due Dates: Notebook Guidelines and a calendar accompany this syllabus outliningthe requirements of all components of the notebook and their corresponding due dates:

    General Classro