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Find new InterServer Coupon Codes All valid InterServer promotional codes and discounts for 2014.for more info visit here :


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InterServer Coupon 2014InterServer has been in the business of hosting websites for 15 years now and offers a solid shared hosting plan for people looking for entry level web hosting. They also offer colocation services for companies that need hardware help for their IT departments. If you are a small business or individual looking for dependable shared hosting then InterServer is a great choice, and the coupons below will get you discounts on their shared hosting plans and domain registration.

Best InterServer Coupon Codes for 2014Save 20% off hosting with a 3-year hosting plan. Save 15% on a 2 year hosting plan, 10% off a 1 year hosting plan, and 5% off a 6 month hosting plan. There is no coupon code, but it is part of InterServers regular offers. When you sign up for hosting, simply select between 6 months or 1,2 or 3 year terms and the discount pricing will automatically take effect. You are able to use the $1.99 domain coupon above in conjunction with the cycle discount.

User Reviews of InterServerThere is only one user review for InterServer onand I take that as a sign that this is a company that primarily targets mid to large size business customers who are less likely to leave reviews than individuals and small business owners. Given that they have their data center in New Jersey and their own fiber optic network in the United States I also dont think they are going after customers in other countries. However, the one review that is there is positive which is quite promising.The majority of people who leave reviews are disgruntled, so if you dont have anybody saying something bad about your company thats a good sign! The reviewer found InterServer to be knowledgable and quick to respond to their questions on email support.

Cloud Hosting PlansThis is InterServers option for small businesses or individuals. Not all hosts offer cloud based hosting at their most basic level, its more reliable than traditional hosting. If you will be moving your site over from another hosting company they will move it for you for free, including all of your email accounts and domain registration, which is perfect if you arent exactly sure how to do that. They are typically completed within 24 to 48 hours and a member of the support staff at InterServer will communicate with you throughout the whole process. Once youve signed up for a hosting account with InterServer you cancontact supportfor assistance with your site migration. You are also eligible for a 30 day money back guarantee if you arent happy with the service. I looked around the help forums, knowledge base, and their terms of service but couldnt find any extra stipulations or loopholes to get them out of actually having to pay the refund.For More Info visit here :