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<ul><li> 1. INTERVIEW TALK WITH MR. HWANG SOON HUAT Below are the conversation between Mr. Hwang Soon Huat and (Ms. Hwang Wei Li and Mr. Toh Kean Hou) (students). Reference: Mr. Hwang Soon Huat: HSH Ms. Hwang Wei Li: HWL Mr. Toh Kean Hou: TKH HWL &amp; TKH: Good morning, Mr. Hwang. HSH: Good morning. HWL: Can you basically explain about your general description about the civil and structural engineering work? HSH: Actually for the C&amp;S engineering work is form the planning stage until the supervision and until the completion of the building. For the structural and civil site of the work and the submission of plans and after that finalize and get approval for the building. TKH: What makes you to become a civil and structural engineer? HSH: Actually you must have the passion for the job, the love for the job. Then you have the love for the job, and then everyday you will be happy. And when you look from the initial stage until the completion of the stage of the building, Job satisfaction that means you personally achieve something. Especially when it is a big project or very majestic project. HWL: What do you find most interesting in your job? HSH: Like I said earlier, the passion, that means love for the job, everyday is a happy day for you. So you do something you like, that one is very important. And slowly, you dont see the same thing twice especially for construction. First day you do this one, second day slowly the structure comes up come up until completion. TKH: How do you manage your time between family and work? HSH: Once you go to work, is the work commitment time. So after work, then you spend your time, quality time with your family. Of course work construction you have work demand, sometimes go beyond the working hours. So, you have to balance the two things. Of course sometimes family is important, if really family important, then you have an annually for this one, as long as someone take care of your job so you take turns to something. Take turns. </li></ul> <p> 2. HWL: What is your key role in constructing the building? HSH: My key role is site supervision. Design stage is in the office, so mine is something the resident engineer. So make sure what they do, what the contractor do, or what the engineer they within the design, then they compile with the requirements of the engineers. Quality, QAQC (quality assurance quality control) and most important, follow the schedule and see the needs of the client are very important. TKH: The most satisfaction project that you have involved in is? HSH: In fact a lot of the big projects, I have work in LOT 10, Daya bumi, The Starhill, The Berjaya Central Park( it is still under construction), Shah Alam Stadium. I only do big projects. It happens at so lucky to do big projects. Most of the job is satisfaction because once you keep you front the ground stage,from zero you see until completion, you feel like, you feel proud. HWL: So, as the conclusion, what is the qualification to become a good civil and structural engineer? HSH: Like I told you earlier, the most important is you must have passion for the job. Then the basic one you must study and get the necessary qualification whether professional or non- professional, then slowly you work to experience and then later in life, let say in maybe after 5 years or 10 years, you will be very experiences, thats how you fight for the job. HWL: So, this is the end of our interview. Thank you, Mr. Hwang. EXTRA advice by MR. Hwang: You learn then you will know. Construction is very nice if you really like it. </p>