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Introduction to photography By Mary Baillie

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University Work for my intro into photography layout assignment


Page 1: intro to photography

Introduction to photography

By Mary Baillie

Page 2: intro to photography

Natural Lighting

Abandoned chair.I found this chair in my back garden, under a large pile of holly.I took the photograph whilst using my tripod, the only light captured is natural light.No flash was used whilst taking this photo.

I feel it captures the theme of abandoned appropriately as the chair has just been left and nature is taking over, a lot of abandoned objects often have nature take over them.

Page 3: intro to photography

Artifical Lighting

Natural Lighting

Artificial Lighting.Flash used, hand held camera.This really does work well because of the contrast between light and dark.

The dogs face looks so sorry for itself but at the same time to small bit of towel at the bottom of the image suggests the animal has only just being left.Because the animal is wet and looks upset i feel it works well as an abandoned image because a lot of animals are left in all conditions.

Page 4: intro to photography

Artifical Lighting

Artificial Lighting.Flash used.I chose black and white because the colours of the clothing would of stood out and drawn attention away from the light in the actual photograph.I then decided that I'd keep the fluorescent overhead light turned off because it was making the image too bright and over exposed. I really like this image because its from my own grandfathers home, who passed away in September 2010.These are probably one of the last things he left that haven't been moved from his old home.I feel like I'm exposing a lot by taking photographs of his old home, so in some ways i didn't want to make them seem too abandoned.

Page 5: intro to photography

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting.Tripod & no flash.Along with the theme of abandoned i decided to go with a few ideas for my theme.I'd decided mainly buildings and objects so following those ideas.Here's one of the rooms of my late grandfather whose just passed away.

Where still in the process of clearing things out of his house but the light was just right and it fitted the theme of abandonment rather well.I like this shot because of the little bit of light coming through the curtains that just highlights some objects on the cupboard and the small patch of wallpaper.

Page 6: intro to photography