intro to photojournalism what is photojournalism?

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  • Intro to PhotojournalismWhat is Photojournalism?

  • What is Photojournalism?How do you define photojournalism?How is it different than photography?What types of photos do you usually see or expect to see in the newspaper?Why is anyone interested in photojournalism?

  • Defining PhotojournalismPhotojournalism is an area of photography dedicated to taking accurate shots of current events. (i.e. non-fiction; no manipulations or alterations; represent reality)Mission: take pictures to accompany a news storyGoal: the pictures should capture the readers attention and emotion to entice him to continue reading about the storyThe main difference is intent: pictures of things vs. pictures which tell a story(A bit outdated)

  • Defining PhotojournalismPhotojournalism is a field of photography focused on depicting subjects in such a way that fully and clearly explains them.Relevance to current events/topics of discussion is nice, not necessary.Purpose: use images to articulate a storyGoal: inform the viewer as much about the story as possibleThe main difference is intent: photography generally aims for aesthetics; photojournalism aims for storytelling(More ideal, and more pragmatic)Most pressing question: What is the story?

  • What is the story?: UC Walkout

  • What is the story?: UC Walkout

  • What is the story?: UC Walkout

  • What is the story?: UC Walkout

  • What is the story?: UC Walkout

  • Photographer vs. Photojournalist(Berkeley Marine Center Protest)Photographer: "Ooh, pretty flags!"Photojournalist: "There were many protestors and police at the event."Good photojournalist: "Antiwar and pro-marine protestors clash." Conflict is the essence of this story.

  • Photographer vs. Photojournalist(Obama Presidential Inauguration)Photographer: "This woman has an interesting hat."Photojournalist:"Presidential inauguration on TV; lots of people came to watch."Good photojournalist captures the essence of the story: Hope/Inspiration

  • Things Photojournalists Shoot(Somewhat traditional)

  • Things Photojournalists Shoot(Spot News)Sydney Dust Storm (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

  • Things Photojournalists Shoot(General/Assignment News)Oktoberfest (Joe Klamar /AFP Photo)

  • Things Photojournalists Shoot(Portraits)Large Hadron Collider (David Hobby /

  • Things Photojournalists Shoot(Sports)Usain Bolt at the Manchester City Games (Phil Noble /Reuters)

  • This week's assignmentFind 2+ examples of "good" and "bad" photojournalism (4+ images total); upload to gallery

    Include the captions as well!

    We'll discuss what makes them work, and what doesn't.

    Essential questions:What story is this photo trying to tell?How effect is the photo at illustrating this story?Is this story even relevant/important?