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troducing Staffline Group

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Introducing Staffline Group

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Company overviewabout us

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Company overviewcompliance & ethicsWe protect your brand and agency colleague welfare whilst promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partnership

Credentials The only business with directorship of GLA, REC and ALP Sedex-registered and ETI base-code compliant Work in close partnership with Paul Broadbent and the GLA Speak at ethical conferences, represent our industry Do not operate tax avoidance / travel & subsistence schemesActivities Full staff training – COPs training & compliance Central compliance team Web-based audit for Staffline and client Internal promotion of ‘Stronger Together’ initiative Confidential colleague hotline and feedback surveys including Pulse Helping the unemployed and disadvantaged into the workplace

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Our servicesflexible workforcesOnSite is our core division. We currently provide more than 230 OnSite solutions across the UK and Ireland

We assist logistics, food, agriculture and manufacturing clients with the attraction, selection and management of their high volume workforce needs

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Our servicesDriving PlusDriving Plus is dedicated to the supply of drivers to a wide range of logistics and transport operations

We are experienced in the recruitment, training and management of a flexible HGV workforce who are available for long and short term assignments

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Our servicespermanent recruitmentWe believe in partnership working and accountability. We will work with you to ensure that your requirements are fully tailored and efficiently implemented

All services are bespoke to your organisation, integrate with your current processes to ensure a seamless approach, and are conducted under your company branding

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Our servicesTrainingLearning Plus is a market-leading training solution designed to deliver time and cost-efficient training programmes to volume audiences

Elpis is one of the UK’s leading providers of Lean training and apprenticeships

PeoplePlus is the largest provider of the Work Programme across the United Kingdom.

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