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Match 2009-2010 Catherine Lucey. Introducing yourself: Photo, CV and Personal Statement. In general…. Skills that can, AND WILL, be assessed by those who read your application: Attention to Detail Ability to follow directions Effectiveness as a communicator Comportment. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Match 2009-2010Catherine Lucey

  • Skills that can, AND WILL, be assessed by those who read your application:

    Attention to DetailAbility to follow directionsEffectiveness as a communicatorComportment

  • Yes it does make you more memorableBUT: be careful what it reflects..

  • Simply put: Follow the DirectionsMedical EducationEducationinclude study abroad or post bacc or other degreesMembership and Honorary/Professional SocietiesMember? Officer? Elected? Appointed?

  • List from MOST important/involved to LEAST important/involvedDont list anything you cant talk passionately aboutDont list the usual single episode events that everyone participates in (i.e. car washes, bake sales)Dont list interest groups if you didnt provide service to others that is not volunteer work!!If you were the organizing individual, that is different

  • Your position/titleYour mentorBrief Synopsis of the workinvolved in a senior project to examine issues of recruitment and retention in the breast cancer navigator patients

  • Here is where you can list interest group participation as a member (rather than a leader)Add any other interests that could prompt a discussion that you would like to participate in in an interview.If you dont want to talk about it, dont list it.E.g. NRA advocacy group, PETA membershipForeign Language Fluency?

  • Any merit scholarships count as an awardAny Course/Clerkship Honors or Letters of Commendation can be listed herePLEASE DO NOT LIST LETTER OF ACCOMMODATION!!!!

  • Program Directors read 100s of these. Make yours stand out.Tell a story that made an impact on you and it will make an impact on them.A patient (use initials) that provoked an emotion in youTie it in to why you are pursuing the career you have chosen.Avoid why I wanted to be a doctor that got you into medical school. Be more specific now.

  • Do not go over 1 page. I mean it.No matter how good the story, it isnt worth it. Brevity is the soul of wit (who said that?)Do not rehash what is on your CV unless it is part of the storyso then I entered the lab where I soon learned four thousand PCRS is boring. before my eyes, the band appeared. Now I knew what this patient had is not

  • IF you have a Red Flag, it is wise to discuss brieflyNever blame someone else for your failurethe resident was incompetent and the clerkship director hated the fact that I reported her to the University PresidentAccept personal responsibility and describe how you learned from it.The failure of my Medicine Shelf exam provided me with the opportunity to rethink how to learn in the clinical environment. Since then, I have not only passed, I have aced all of my exams.Please talk with a Dean about how to address these issues.

  • Stereotypic descriptions fiesty swarthy cute (except in reference to kids)Disparaging medical speakpimping, fleas, lmdsMisspellings or Grammatical ErrorsBe careful of their, there, theyreGimmicks. D is for DermatologyPlagiarism

    Please have someone else look at your statement to help identify these things

  • Write, set it aside, review and rewriteLet someone else read it for content, syntax, grammar, and miscuesWe will help you review if you likeBUT we wont write it for you

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