introduction- sunfish family beach trip- help needed! your principal, mrs. sunfish, wants to leave...

Download Introduction- Sunfish Family Beach Trip- Help Needed! Your principal, Mrs. Sunfish, wants to leave right after school and take her family to the beach

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Introduction- Help Needed!

Introduction- Sunfish Family Beach Trip- Help Needed!Your principal, Mrs. Sunfish, wants to leave right after school and take her family to the beach. She is too busy taking the 1st graders on a field trip to look at the weather forecast. The forecast will help her decide if she should go or not.

Since she knows that your 2nd grade class has studied the weather she has asked for your help.

Your TaskYou will visit a few websites to learn about weather and research the weather forecast at Folly Beach, SC.You will think about what Mrs. Sunfish and her family like to do at the beach.You will write a note explaining your opinion of why the family should or should not go to Folly Beach, SC.

Sunfish Family Hobbies at Folly BeachThe whole family likes to stargaze at night on the beach.Mrs. Sunfish likes to walk her dog, Cleo. The dog cannot get wet or she smells like an old shoe. (P.S. Cleo does not like to swim.)Mr. Sunfish likes to fly his kite.Pam and Justin like to make sandcastles and look for seashells.

More DetailsFolly Beach, SC is a 4 hour drive from school. The Sunfish family will leave at 4pm so they will get there at 8pm tonight. They can look at stars tonight and tomorrow night.Mrs. Sunfish needs information about tomorrows weather at the beach.Whats the beach weather like right now?Click here to see!

But, the weather is always changing so..You will need to search a weather database to find tomorrows weather in another town.

Process- Check the ForecastVisit the Weatherbug website to search for the Folly Beach, SC weather forecast. If you needed the forecast for any other town you could type in the zip code to search for it!

Does the weather look good for: Stargazing______?, dog walking_______?, sand castle building______?, shell collecting_______?Write down the wind speed ______mph

What About Kite Flying?We need to learn more about wind to see if it will be good kite flying weather.

Check out this site and write down the 2 types of wind that would be good to fly kites in. Click on a word and then waitit will go back to the start for you!1.________________ 2._________________

What does the wind speed mean?Find the MPH wind speed from the forecast on the Beaufort wind speed chart. (Scroll down) What kind of wind is this?_______________ (Look at Description for the words you wrote down before.)Will this be good for kite flying?______________

What do you think?Should Mrs. Sunfish go to the beach afterschool today? Will her family be able to what they want to do when they get there? How will they feel if they cannot do what they like to do?

Think about these questions and talk about them with a partner.

Write a noteTake a few minutes to tell Mrs. fish what Sunfish what you found out. Write a short letter telling her if you think her family should go or not. Explain your opinion by including: the weather report, her family hobbies, and who will or wont be happy. Make your letter at least 4 sentences long.


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