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An Introduction to Badges for Learning by Julian Prior and Sam Taylor (Learning Technologists, Southampton Solent University) Delivered to the Hampshire Branch of the British Computer Society, 20-10-14


  • 1. Julian Prior & Sam TaylorLearning Technologists at Southampton Solent UniversityPresentation delivered to the Hampshire Branch of the British Computer SocietyMonday October 20, 2014

2. To award recognition of skills (think guides & scouts) 3. To motivate individuals to achieve goals (think sports) 4. To give recognition of quality (think seal of approval) 5. 6. Digital badges are images Open badges allow for data to be attached to the images Issuer Evidence Expiry date Criteria 7. 1. Reward transferable skills(teamwork, critical thinking,leadership);2. Learners are in control they owntheir data;3. Open framework;4. Rewards skills at various points in alearner pathway;5. Buy-in from the top and bottom.MoodleBadges Free CC By 8. Who is using badges? 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Do badges support thecommodification of learning? The Psychology of collecting? Can learners cheat the system? 14. In groups of 3:Discuss and identify 5 ways in which you can use badges in yourworkplace 15. 16. 17. 18. On your own:Thinking back to activity 1, choose one of the ideas that came upregarding the use of badges and build your own! 19. 20. Mozillas Open Badges Wiki: Planet Badges Blog: Mozilla Badges Backpack: JISC Open Badge Design Toolkit: EduCause: 7 Things you should know about Badges 21. Julian Prior Learning Technologist @jpodcaster Sam Taylor Learning Technologist @samwisefox