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  • 1. Information Architecture 101:Card Sorting

2. SELMA ZAFAR,SENIOR USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNER 12 years experience in creating compelling, usable and innovate experiences Strategy, user research, IA, wireframes, usability testing ThoughtFarmer Intranet clients: Cummins Western Canada Fokker Services, Aerostructures, Aircraft Services Global Container Terminals YVR 3. W ho Feels that their Intr anet Contentis a tangled mess? 4. IA Challenges for Intr anets Reflects a company organization chart that employees dont understand Stale, out-dated content Dumping Ground for content No publishing standards or style guide Lack of content ownership Complex publishing processes prevent content updating 5. Business/ContextContentUsers 6. CARD SORTING 7. It is important to use Card Sorting for the rightreasons and the right time in the project and to analyzethe results in combination with other inputs.- DONNA SPENCER 2009 8. Steps in a Car d Sor t1. Decide what you want to learn2. Select the type of Card Sort (open vs closed)3. Choose Suitable Content4. Choose and invite participants5. Conduct the sort (online or in-person)6. Analyze Results7. Integrate results 9. Befor e you Get Star ted!Inventory + Audit the Content 10. W hat ar e you wanting to lear n? New Intranet vs Existing? Section of Intranet? Whole organization vs single department? For a project? For a team? 11. OPEN VS CLOSEDCRM Year inProductOrganizati Review CompanyTargetsCRM OPENVacationChristmason ChartProjects Meeting NewsProject Policy Party VacationReviewWalkathon request Pay Days SORT Results form Vacation Policy Human Walkathon Vacation Events Resources Results request Pay Days ChristmasCRMform PartyProductOrganizati CRM ChristmasTargets inYearon ChartVacationProject PartyReview Policy Review MeetingPay Days CRM VacationOrganizationrequest Chart CRMform Year in Project Review ReviewProduct Meeting WalkathonTargets ResultsChristmas Year inCRMParty ReviewProjectCompany CompanyWalkathon Meeting ReviewProjects ProductProjectsNewsNews Results TargetsVacation CLOSEDHumanResourcesDepartments Policy Human Vacation Resources request Pay DaysDepartments CRMOrganizatiSORT formon Chart 12. SELECTING CONTENT 13. Selecting ContentDontsDos30 100 Cards More than 100 cardsSelect content that can be Mix functionality andgrouped contentSelect terms and concepts Include both detailedthat mean something toand broad contentusers 14. Choose & Invite Par ticipants 15. Conducting the Car d Sor tOptimal Workshop( 16. Anal ysis#17 The information in this presentation is confidential. Please do not redistribute. Thanks! 17. Look at What groups were created Where the cards were placed What terms were used for labels Organization scheme used Whether people created accurate or inaccurate groups 18. Cate gor y Char acteristics Users understand the categories & can find information Content fits well in categories with not too much overlap Category names match users mental models 19. Inte g r ate results: Cr eate Your IACenters ofOur CompanyProjectsDepartmentsExcellenceEmployeeCommunity &Resources Groups Project ManagementExecutive BlogProject Name 1 Executive ProfessionalsVacation & Holidays Events OperationsEngineeringNew YorkProject Name 2ExpensesCharitable Campaigns Operations SupportTerminal TechnologiesProject Name 3Vancouver CarpoolVancouver Vessel Planning NAVISProject Name 4TravelMission and Values Yard Planning LawsonHealth & Safety Rail Planning ITWellness Finance & Yard Planning Administration Benefits Human ResourcesFacilities Corporate Communications Payroll IT Communication Tools 20. Added Benefit of Car d Sor tingEmployee EngagementInvolving your employees as part of the process for definingyour new Intranet will result in higher acceptance. 21. Steps in a Car d Sor t REcap1. Inventory/Audit Content2. Decide what you want to learn3. Select the type of Card Sort (open vs closed)4. Choose Suitable Content5. Choose and invite participants6. Conduct the sort (online or in-person)7. Analyze Results8. Create IA 22. Now Car d Sor t! out the results at the next ThoughtFarmer Webinar!Information Architecture 101: Task TestingOctober 17th @8:30 AM PST 23. Selma