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Introduction to Engineering and Technology Concepts Advance Path Course. Introduction and Instructions For Students. Introduction. Welcome to Introduction to Engineering and Technology Concepts (IETC) Advance Path Course! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Introduction to Engineering and Technology ConceptsAdvance Path CourseIntroduction and InstructionsFor Students

  • IntroductionWelcome to Introduction to Engineering and Technology Concepts (IETC) Advance Path Course!IETC for Advance Path will teach you about technology, engineering, manufacturing, and even building within the Technology Departments laboratory.

  • How It WorksEach Unit contains a number of Chapters that are related to one another in some way.Each Chapter contains the lesson in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation, with notes to be taken in your notebook and assignments to be completed in your workbook. Make sure you have these two items before beginning. The idea is that you will read along and fill in the blanks in the notebook. Eventually, you will reach a slide that asks you to complete assignments in the workbook. There may be more than one of these slides per Chapter.Once each Chapter in a Unit is completed, you must take a quiz to continue to the next Unit.

  • About the LabAfter Unit Seven, you will be designing a project to be built in the lab. You should always be reading the instructions at the beginning of the chapters and throughout, but this especially true during all of Unit Eight.There are some things that must be installed on your computer and things that you need to tell you instructor, and the Chapters will tell you when and what to say.When you begin working on Unit Eight, it is preferred if you do this with another student. If another student is not available, it is something that you can accomplish alone.

  • About IETCPlease understand that IETC is a course that you NEED to complete in order to graduate.The course is 8 weeks long, with each Chapter requiring a day to complete. One of those weeks is dedicated to working in the lab on your project.There is a cumulative Final Exam at the end, and a Chapter dedicated to showing you what will be covered on it.

  • GradingThe term grades are averaged together according to county guidelines.Projects, assignments, drills, quizzes, and tests are given point values that are averaged together for each term. The grades for this course will breakdown like this:60% Class workDaily participation which includes Mindjogs Working in the NotebookWorking in the Workbook20% Lab Work Model Bridge building in Technology Education Lab20% AssessmentsQuizzesWork turned in after due date will be penalized 5% each day regardless of A or B day. Lateness and absences will affect grades according to county guidelines.

  • What You NeedPlease be sure you have received your notebook, workbooks, and syllabus/safety sheet. Make sure you and your guardians sign the syllabus/safety sheet in the marked areas.Good luck!

  • BEFORE MOVING ON:Do you understand what will be explored and what is expected of you for this course?If so, please proceed to the next slide.

  • Introduction and Instructions CompletedPlease close this presentation and launch the folder entitled, Unit 1. Then open the file entitled, Chapter 1 What is Technology?

  • ReferencesWright, R. (2004) Technology The Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc.



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