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Short overview of the different faces of UX design and how good design can really elevate your business


  • 1. Introduction to UXpracticesHegle Sarapuu Trinidad Consulting

2. What are UXpractices anyway...User a make sure....that we wont the eyes of the....user. 3. What about theseother words? 4. Usabilitycharacteristics 5. Unusable website? 6. Where is the benefit?Users are happierIt is easier to find and read informationEasier to memorizeLess negative surprises for everyoneFaster to learn and useLess errors Trinidad Consulting 7. Where is the benefit?Increased important user actionsIncreased user loyaltyIncrease amount of usersBetter efficiencyDecreased training timeDecreased amount of user errorsDecreased user support time / amount of e-mails orcallsDecreased development costDecreased deployment costDecreased system maintenance cost Trinidad Consulting 8. How to start with UXtoolset?There is no perfect UX or UIEveryone can do UXStart step by stepMeasure or evaluateUse peopleKnow why you do whatyou do and have fun! 9. Lean UXEvaluate earlyIntegrate ideasand insights earlyDo as less as possible but as much as neededPaper and whiteboard are your best friendTest earlySketches can be documents, prototypescan be specsCommunicate without writing 10. UX PracticesPlanning toolsResearchRequirement definitionAnalyzing methodsDesign methodsValidation 11. 12. Paper prototype 13. Low fidelity prototype 14. Dynamic prototype 15. With visual design 16. UX in divided teamsPrototypingStoryboardingStorytellingOnline testingA/B testingOnline interviewsNavigation building and testing 17. ToolsOptimal sort and Treejackhttp://www.novelist.chhttp://www.nevigo.com 18. 19. Axure RP 20. Pidoco 21. Justinmind 22. Balsamiq 23. Q & A Trinidad Consulting 24. Thankyou! Trinidad ConsultingHegle SarapuuChief Experience OfficerTrinidad Consulting