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Talk at the developer evening at La Cantine in Paris, France


  • 1. BuildingYahooApps SophieDaviesPatrickandChris;anHeilmann,YDNdeveloper evening,Paris,October2009h"p://

2. Building Yahoo! Front Page AppsOctober, 2009- - 3. Summary The Yahoo! Front Page ( is the single most-visited website in the world In a few weeks, for the first time, Yahoo! will allow thirdparty applications (apps) to run on the Front Page Yahoo! has created a technology platform that will allowanyone to build a Front Page app - - 4. Why Build Apps on the Yahoo! Front Page? Over 330 million unique visitors worldwide visit a Yahoo! home page each month Application gallery allows direct install of 3rd party developer apps Apps built for Front Page will also run on My Yahoo! (over 40 million unique visitors per month worldwide) and Yahoo! Toolbar (near future) International rollout of apps to international My Yahoo! Properties throughout 2009-2010 Opportunity to acquire new users / customers- - 5. Yahoo! France Homepage With over 190M pageviews per month generated by 6.5millions users, its one of the most trafficked pages in France This one page alone reaches almost 20% of the online French population and the average user visits the page over 15 times per month, making these amongst the most loyal users in France- - 6. Important Technology Components Yahoo! Social PlatformYahoo! Application PlatformProvides developers with access to: Allows developers to build rich, interactive User profile applications that users can choose to Contacts/friends install on a Yahoo! website Presence/status Activity updates - - 7. How it Works (1) Anyone Can Build an App Any developer can build a Front Page appand distribute that app through traditionalawareness mechanisms (email, ads, etc.).In addition, Add to Yahoo! buttons will beprovided and app installs are reflected inYahoo! Updates. Examples:Target andMint.comThe Yahoo! Front Page Gallery Initially, users will be able to discover alimited set of high-quality apps in the gallerywhich have been approved. In the future,app developers will submit apps into amore comprehensive gallery through astreamlined approval process.- - 8. How it Works (2)Yahoo! adspaceThe Standard View When a user places his or her mouse over anapp, it displays in a standard view withYahoo! ads running next to it. - - 9. How it Works (3)The Expanded View Users can expand the view of an app toaccess greater functionality.- - 10. Monetization Now Monetization opportunities available now: Advertising Transactions Subscriptions Additional notes: Approved third party ad-network tags available (currently US-only) Other opportunities (developer self-serve promotion, advertiser/publisher solutions, etc.) to follow- - 11. Building Good Front Page Apps Gallery requirements: Good standard (400px) and expanded (750px) views Quick and reliable Dynamic content providing a different experience everyday Intuitive to use Well-designed and readable Appeals to users regardless of their level of Internet expertise Design guidelines: Communicate key actions/state quickly Enable users to make meaningful interactions in under 2 seconds and one click Quick set-up Give users a successful experience right out of the box Hide unnecessary complexity: help users focus on a single goal at one time Less is more: use the fewest interaction patterns as possible Performance matters: stay fast Flexible inputs & no inputs: infer data whenever possible (user settings/profile) One task at a time - focus user attention - - 12. Developer Components (1)Yahoo! Application Platform (YAP)Yahoo! Markup Language (YML) Easily build apps that run on Front Page Allows secured access to private data and My Yahoo! Can use me and viewer keywords Apps will run on Yahoo! Toolbar and other Yahoo! websites soon Will begin integrating into OSML - - 13. Developer Components (2) Social APIsYahoo! Query Language (YQL) Social Directory (read) SQL-like syntax Contacts (read) Private/public data User Status (read/write) Queries external data feeds Updates (read/write) Allows custom tables - - 14. Developer Components (3)Cajoled JavaScript (Caja)Available SDKs HTML/CSS/JavaScript securer Several SDKs available today (PHP, Flash and Objective-C) Enforces standards More to come Includes JSLint caja-support.html - - 15. Next Steps Review application ideas/approaches with the Yahoo! team Read the online documentation at http:// - - 16. ...andnowforadeep dive... 17. YAPistheplaHorm hIp:// 18. hIps:// 19. hIp:// 20. hIp:// 21. hIp://;on/#Translate 22. hIp:// 23. hIp:// 24. CajaandHTML CustomaIributes Customtags Unclosedtags orDIVlevel cleanHTMLandCSStoavoiderrors CajasafeJavaScriptorAjaxviaYML keepitsmallandloadondemand. 33. hIp:// 34. MERCI! Chris;anHeilmann hIp://wait; hIp:// hIp://