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  • 1. Investigating Characters Thinking about ... Their physical appearance Their natural setting Their motivation for the way theybehave

2. We designed our characters (from the school production) and put ourselves into their shoes to help develop a deeper understanding of the character in our writing ... 3. Aidan I live on Earth, but saved the Daleks 4. Aimee We took Dr Whos Tardis to earth ! 5. Briahna We live on the planet 502 . 6. Brodee My name was Jessy and we had NO water on our planet. 7. Georgia We lived in space and then travelled when I was captured. 8. Hamish I destroyed many planets, and alien creatures 9. Hayden M I lived in the middle of a Halo war. Not too scary for me ! 10. Hayden R I got captured by the Daleks and they hung me from the ceiling. 11. Jacob H I destroyed all the Cybermen ! 12. Jakob O I , Noah the Cyberman, went on a quest to find the BEST cake. 13. Joshua D I am a crime- fighting alien, trying to save planet earth. 14. Lachie - I was defending my home planet Telos against the destructive Daleks. 15. Nicole I went to fight all the aliens on the planet. They were trying to take over !