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  • OwlTeacher.comEntry Task How do you think landforms were created on Earths surface?

  • OwlTeacher.comPlace Physical Characteristics What forces shape the land?

    What are the Earths major landforms?

  • OwlTeacher.comPangaea: The Supercontinent

    Geographers theorize that millions of years ago the Earth had only one huge landmass, which they call Pangaea.

  • OwlTeacher.comThey believe that about 200 million years ago, some force made Pangaea split into several pieces and begin to move apart, forming separate continents.

  • OwlTeacher.comThe theory of plate tectonics explains why the continents separated. Continents are part of plates that shift over time.

  • OwlTeacher.comThe Movement of the ContinentsWhen geographers first began to study world maps, they realized that the continents look like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.





  • OwlTeacher.comThese 7 continents are extremely diverse places.

    Each continents has different physical characteristics and human characteristics.


    Continents are unique, in part because of their landforms!

  • We know that physical characteristics refer to the following:

    ClimatePlant & animal life Landforms

  • Landforms Investigation!

    In small groups, explore the concept of landforms. -Definition -Characteristics -Examples-Non-examples

    Challenge On the back investigate how these landforms were formed on Earths surface!

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