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  • 1. Selecting and Constructing photographyfor the music magazine

2. I looked at a series of websites to findappropriate professional photography that Icould use in my magazine. This is because:Ineed to have lots of options for what to use inthe magazine. I need to have plenty of variety that helps torepresent my music scene accurately. 3. I like this image becauseit is not overly serious andthere is a comedic side toit, compared to otherprofessional images. This particular imagecould be used for adouble page spread onDisplay Photo Here Display Photo Here the band, with this imagetaking up one side. It would influence thedesign of the page bymaking it a lot moreupbeat. The props used in thisimage are the teacupsand saucers, and also theumbrellas. 4. I like this one becausethere is a direct mode ofaddress from the model.Also it is a less seriouslooking image as she issmiling. It could be used for thefront cover of a magazineDisplay Photo Here Display Photo Here thats main focus was thisperson, or part of adouble page spread. It would influence thedesign of the page bybringing a cheeryatmosphere to it, insteadof being serious. 5. I like this image becauseit is not what you wouldusually see on or in amagazine. It could be used on theinside of the magazine foran article of the artist. It would influence theDisplay Photo Here Display Photo Here design of the page bygiving it a much moreserious and dark feel. 6. I like this one It could be used It wouldbecause it goesacross a double page influenceagainst the typicalspread in thethe designconventions of a magazine about the of the pagemagazine picture,artists. by bringingand is a lot more a lot moreunusual.of anunusual feelyet happyfeel.Display Photo Here Display Photo Here 7. I like this one It could be used for a It wouldbecause the coloursdouble page spread influenceof the photographon the artistthe designare very prominentof the pageand bright, but alsoby bringingthe band membersa much lessare openly spaced.seen imagetype to themagazine The propsused in thisimage are thetable and theDisplay Photo Here Display Photo Here chairs that thebandmembers aresat on. 8. Delete the slides from this point once you are ready to upload this powerpoint 9. Photography useful for a Photography useful for afront page might be:contents page might be: Artistsin dramatic poses Mugshots of the editor forthat focus on their the editorialcharacter. Framing images that help to Pop-up figures that are create a shape that thecut out at the bottom contents can work around Unusual designs that can be Close-ups of instruments,used as album covers andclothing etc for features withadjusted in Photoshop a special focus Close-ups and medium More band and artist shotsclose-ups for secondary Drawings and designs thatleads represent artists / ideas Live shots, stage shots and Unusual designs that can beposter-style shotsused as album covers and Backgrounds and texturesadjusted in Photoshop 10. Photography useful for a Framing images that help todouble page might be: create a shape to workaround Shot series that showvarious poses and Drawings and designs thatexpressions represent artists / ideas Wide angle shots that help Artists in dramatic poses thatto create mood /focus on their character.atmosphere and highlight Unusual designs that can besetting Long, loosely framed shotsused as album covers andmaking maximum use of adjusted in Photoshopmise en scene Close-ups and medium close- Fun or story-relevant inset ups for secondary leadsshots of the artists Live shots, stage shots and Many of those also relevantfor the other pages suchposter-style shotsas Backgrounds and textures 11. Professional Photographer - BIPP (British Institute of ProfessionalPhotography) - BJP (British Journal of Photography) -A Google A Google image searchimage search Ami Barwell (Rock n Roll Photographer) -for Photofor Photo Shoot with the Shoot with the Graham Smith (Music Photographer) -wordword Rock/Indie/Pun Rock/Indie/Pun Michael Williams (Photographer) -kketc. in frontetc. in front of it can also of it can also Dazed (& Confused) Digital - provide goodprovide good results.results. 12. CG Textures - Filter Forge - Mayang - Free Textures - Texture King - Background Labs - Vector Art (geometric shapes which can beused for graphic features) - How to make vector art - 13. 99 best designed album covers - Top album covers - Top 50 album covers -