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1. InvestigatingSourcesWHAT DO THEY TELL US ABOUT LIFE IN THE 20TH CENTURY FORINDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS? 2. Sources aboutThe StolenGeneration 3. The STOLEN GenerationBY GEORGIA AND OLIVIALowitja O Donoghue source was a video about a woman calledLOWITJA ODONOGHUEIt talked about how Lowitja was taken from hermother and had outside the shops years later. Themessage is that Aboriginals were treated terriblyand taken from their parents when they were little. 4. GenerationBy Emily and RaphWe believe that thispicture shows smallchildren that are findinghomes and have madetheir way into thenewspaper.But we think that thepeople reading thisnewspaper article didntreally care and ignoredthem. 5. Sources about the1967 Referendum 6. We think this means we shouldall be equal and all be kindtowards one another. Aboriginalrights are important and we allshould vote for Aboriginal rightand women can achieve theability to do anything they wantto do.By ?Unknown?When : Saturday, May, 27, 1967Jessie and Anna 7. teenagers sitting out side of a busthat says student action for AboriginalsZoe T, Bella and Prue 8. Sources aboutLand Rights 9. In 1968 Aborigines were fighting for their landback and were struggling to get a fair say. Thissource says that Australians did not respectAborigines at all and today hopefully they lookback and regret it. At that time Aborigineswere disgusted with how Australia invadedtheir land and tried and tried to get it back.ABORIGINESLAND RIGHTSMia, Sophie and Daisy 10. HTTP://VRROOM.NAA.GOV.AU/RECORDS/?ID=25313 11. Sources aboutWorking Conditions 12. Donna MeehanIt says that donna Meehan had a hard childhood. She felt white people looked downon her because she was an Aboriginal. She felt she didnt belong with the whitepeople. She loved her foster parents but she still felt like a fish out of water.LIKE A FISH OUT OF WATERBy Haylee and Sarah 13. IT WAS AN INSTITUTION IN NEED OF MONEY AS THEY ARE DRESSEDQUITE POORLY AND PROBABLY HAD TO WORK AND LOOK AFTERTHEMSELVES. BY HEBE AND ZOE 14. Sources aboutSorry Day 15. Sorry Day 16. Ava and Sammi


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