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PEBC. INVESTIGATING THINKING STRATEGIES. Suzanne. editor. Stevi. Co-author. Who keeps you awake at night?. Self-assess. Mix and Mingle. Annotate the agenda. The increasing specialization of literacy development. Disciplinary Literacy. Intermediate Literacy. Basic Literacy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>INVESTIGATING THINKING STRATEGIESPEBC1Suzanne</p> <p>editor</p> <p>Stevi</p> <p>Co-author</p> <p>Who keeps you awake at night?</p> <p>Self-assess</p> <p>Mix and Mingle</p> <p>Annotate the agenda</p> <p>Basic LiteracyIntermediate LiteracyDisciplinary LiteracyTimothy &amp; Cynthia Shanahan, Teaching Disciplinary Literacy to Adolescents: Rethinking Content AreaLiteracyThe increasing specialization of literacy developmentLori L. Conrad, PEBC www.pebc.org10ThinkingWho are we as thinkers?</p> <p>What is text?</p> <p>Reading is about understanding. I would argue that there reading does not occur unless we understand what we read; comprehension is the key to reading anything. But to support our students in getting as smart as they can as scientists, soccer players, mathematicians, etc. we have to show them how we think as we read text in our content areas.</p> <p>Lets define text: anything that is12Choice of textPoemChartArticle (psychology)Scientific articleMultimediaWhy fear? What is the role of fear? When and how does it serve us well? And when and how does it not serve us well?Why fear? What is the role of fear? When and how does it serve us well? And when and how does it not serve us well?Leave Tracks of Your Thinking</p> <p>16Choice of textPoemChartArticle (psychology)Scientific articleMultimediaStrategies of Proficient Thinkers</p> <p>Strategy: intentional plan s that enable readers to make meaning.18Monitor for understanding</p> <p>19Activate, Utilize, Build Background Knowledge</p> <p>20Ask Questions</p> <p>21Draw inferences</p> <p>Aha!22Determine Importance</p> <p>23Create sensory images</p> <p>24 Synthesize parts to create a whole</p> <p>25 If proficient readers do these things with automaticity </p> <p>26 So Teachers can Become aware of how WE use these strategies</p> <p>(metacognition)</p> <p>27 And model</p> <p>28Asking questions</p> <p> So now lets experience this as learners! 30</p>