Invoice of $1,500 for Holyoke City Council training

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Invoice of $1,500 for Holyoke City Council training


<p>Rani Varghese, MSW, Ed.DMike Funk, MA, Ed.D. Social Justice and Diversity Trainers 1878 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, Apt 73 New York, NY 10026 (Rani) SS# 478-92-6741 (Mike) SS# 178-64-0702 413-530-9781/724-312-4652 </p> <p>INVOICE</p> <p>Date of Invoice:6/10/15Date of Services:June, 2015To:Holyoke City CouncilFor:Inclusive LeadershipTraining</p> <p>Fees:3.5 hour training________________________________________________________________Total:$1500</p> <p>Description of Services:The Inclusive Leadership Training introduces participants to the Inclusive Leadership framework, explores the significance of this framework, and how it can be implemented at the interpersonal and community level.</p> <p>Through a series of experiential activities that meet various learning-styles, the workshop will provide opportunities for group-building, personal-reflection, and dialogue. In addition, we will discuss strategies for taking action.</p> <p>For the purposes of this workshop Inclusive Leadership encompasses the willingness and ability to:</p> <p>1) Be Self-Aware2) Engage in Active-Listening3) Build Alliances Across Differences4) Create space for multiple stories and perspectives</p> <p>Please make remittance:Rani Varghese or Mike Funk 1878 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, Apt 73, New York, NY, 10026</p>