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An iOS Apps Showcase, info on management, favorite apps, and resources for finding apps, as presented at BLC 2011 by Douglas Kiang, Punahou School.


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2. Theres an App for That!Management ShowcaseFishingbackchannel: 3. Managing iPads 4. Classroom iPadsMacBookiTunes LibraryBackup images created for eachclassroom configuration. 5. Faculty iPadsSchool purchases iPad Account is charged and Apple Volume redeem code sent back Purchasing ProgramFaculty member manages iPadEducational app request form 6. Long-term ClassroomiPadsSchool purchases iPadIndividual accounts are set up asipad+123456@punahou.eduReceipts are sent to one e-mailStudent manages iPadaddress 7. The Punahou Image KeynoteiMovie PagesGarageBand NumbersComic Life Cloud ConnectAppStart SoundNoteDropBox 8. What are some characteristics ofmobile technologies? 9. Social Not school managedPersonalized Productive 10. The technology shift mirrorsthe pedagogical shift. 11. Apps Showcase 12. How are these dierent from a notebook?GPSTouchCameraAccelerometer/Gyroscope 13. iBooksfree 14. MyMemoir$1.99 15. 360 Panorama$0.99 16. Lets create! Pottery HD$4.99 17. iBrainstorm / iBrainstorm Companionfree 18. Idea Sketchfree 19. WhatWasTherefree 20. State Farm Driver Feedbackfree 21. Motion Math HD$2.99 22. Secret Ballot$0.99 23. Qwikifree 24. Qwiki 25. Qwiki 26. Qwiki 27. Word Lensfree (in-app purchase) 28. NOSWIMMING 29. SoundNote$4.99 30. Puffin Web Browser$0.99 31. Comic Life$7.99 32. AirSketch$9.99 33. Toontastic!$1.99 34. Puppet Palsfree (in-app purchase) 35. Your Mission:Tell a current news story usingvisuals and dialogue. 36. SimCity Deluxe for iPad$6.99 37. Screen Chompfree 38. 3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool free 39. xPerica HDfree 40. Fishing for apps 41. AppStart for iPadfree 42. AppAdvicefree (web app)$1.99 (app) 43. AppShopperfree 44. 45. 46. 47. 48.