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  1. 1. IOS Apps: The Apps for the Corporate Client Nobody had an inkling how Mobility devices would creep in so deep into our lives when they first came out in the market. One of the only value adds to the ubiquitous mobile phone was a video game and some music to play. No one thought it would be a productivity tool as it is positioned today. The foremost reason this change took place was because somewhere down the line someone decided to create an operating system for the mobile. The iPhone, when released, looked like a cross between an iPod and a phone. It was the iOS operating system that has pushed this device to become such a great productivity tool. While we are giving the Operating System its due credit, one should not forget the myriads of developers who created apps for the device. Apple App Store was a concept that no other hardware manufacturer had thought about. Looking at the success of the App development on iOS many other platform vendors went the App Store way, but no one met with the kind of success like Apple. Undoubtedly Apple App Store churns out the highest revenue amongst all the other App Store. However, the greatest advantage Apple derived from this marketplace of apps is the widespread knowledge and appreciation of iOS App Development technology and the acceptance of the iPhone as a reliable tool for productivity. It is because of this that no mobile app development company would dare to ignore this platform. Although iPhone is not as popular in India as in the US, there is no dearth of companies involved in iPhone application development in India.
  2. 2. iPhone Apps and the Corporate Client It is the ruggedness and the reliability as well as the widespread knowledge of the sheer amount of thought that goes into the design of the device that has prompted many corporate houses to accept the iPhone and its associated devices to be accepted as a corporate productivity tool. Today many Fortune 500 company executives use the iPhone to act as a front end to their SAP ERP Applications or other Enterprise systems and benefit from the ability to not only take advantage of the decision support systems but also to take immediate action on it instead of waiting to reach for the nearest laptop or desktop. There is a huge scope for iPhone application development India if the mobile app development company in India focus on enterprise mobility applications and take the users to the next level in information technology. Reference Link: - the-corporate-client-7243799.html