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IoT Observatory: Infrastructure & Technical ChallengesUniversity of Southampton


IoT Observatory







C4: SupportAnalyticsC3: Diverse StakeholdersC1: Data Discovery & HeterogeneityC2: DataPrivacy & AccessEngagement4Cs Four Challenges for IoT ObservatoryInspired by the Web Observatory initiative of Web Science Trust11.

- A distributed catalogue of datasets and apps- Aim Citizen/Stakeholder Engagement


C1: Data DiscoveryAt present: Centralized search across Observatory sites Using metadata ( and datasets IoT datasets description Hypercat

Moving towards: Distributed search reaching lightweight computers/base stations


C2/C3: Data Privacy & Diverse StakeholdersAdopting reverse proxy and URL obfuscating technologies to protect private and sensitive data

Data Publisher controls location, visibility & access of datasets

C2/C3: Access Control & Diverse Stakeholders

Present IoT Observatory - distinguishes b/w metadata and content

Working towards Easy-to-use Web interface for Access Control Granularity - IoT datasets, meta-data, aggregations & correlationsEntities- Data owner(s), publisher(s), device(s)Data owners/Publishers able to evaluate trade-offs, permit & restrict data processing/usageImplement data sharing negotiations with the stakeholders

- Privacy by processing will be a bottom-up access control based on stakeholders artefacts of what they wish to share based on what processing the particular data can go through. - It is important to control the access to meta-data as it can be as relevant as the content itself


06-11-2016SOCM Workshop 20166

Dataset 1Dataset 2Dataset 3Data HarmonizationSpatio-temporal filter(s)Aggregation(s)Visualization(s)App 1App 2App 3Distributed DatastoresApplicationsObservlet InventoryMadaan, Aastha et al. Observlets: Empowering Analytical Observations on Web Observatory., SOCM16, WWW (2016).Fine granularity data processing controlC2/C3: Access Control & Diverse Stakeholders (1)

Talk about potential use of Solid for application development6

C4: Support for Analytics

Built-in smart API for building data-driven applications

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