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  • 8/12/2019 IPG Spring 2014 Kids' Arts & Crafts Titles


    Kids Arts & Crafts Titles


  • 8/12/2019 IPG Spring 2014 Kids' Arts & Crafts Titles



    Chicago Review Press9781613748978Pub Date: 9/1/13$19.95/$21.95 Can.Discount Code: LONPaperback / softback /Trade paperback (US)

    180 pagesCarton Qty: 0Ages 9 to 12, Grades 4 to 7Juvenile Nonfiction /Activity BooksJNF001000

    9.000 in W | 11.000 in H |2.120 lb Wt

    229mm W | 279mm H |962g Wt

    An Eye for ArtFocusing on Great Artists and Their WorkNational Gallery Of Art

    Introduce children ages 7 and up to more than 50 great artists and their work with this lively family-oriented artresource. This treasure trove from the National Gallery of Art features works of art by, among others, Raphael,Rembrandt, Georgia O'Keeffe, Henri Matisse, Chuck Close, Jacob Lawrence, Pablo Picasso, and Alexander Calder,

    representing a wide array of artistic styles and techniques. Each chapter is focused on a theme ranging fromstudying nature and observing everyday life to breaking traditions and telling stories and includes works from abroad spectrum of artists, art mediums, nationalities, and time periods. Forty fun activities throughout will inspirethe artist and art appreciator in every child. Written by museum educators with decades of hands-on experiencehelping children connect with art and the lives of artists, the projects include molding a clay figure inspired byEdgar Degas's sculptures; drawing an object from touch alone, inspired by Joan Mir's experience as an artstudent; painting a double-sided portrait reflecting physical traits and personality trait...


    The National Gallery of Artmaintains one of the world's most renowned collections of American and Europeanmasterpieces from the 13th century to the present. The collection includes paintings, drawings, prints,photographs, sculpture, decorative arts, and new media arts. It is located in Washington, DC.

    Author Bio

    Lucky Bamboo Crafts9780988464803Pub Date: 1/1/13$26.99/$28.99 Can.Discount Code: SPTHardback / Cloth overboards

    136 pagesCarton Qty: 0Crafts & HobbiesCRA000000

    9.250 in W | 11.250 in H

    235mm W | 286mm H

    Lucky Bamboo Book of CraftsOver 100 Projects & Ideas Celebrating Chinese CultureJennifer DeCristoforo

    China's amazing ancient history, folk traditions, and festive celebrations come alive in this imaginative album filledwith fun ideas and creative crafts all about Chinese culture and traditional arts. Each craft can be completedwith the reproducible templates and graphics included, along with just a few basic art and craft supplies, paper,and recycled materials. Easy-to-follow, illustrated step-by-step instructions accompany the description andhistory of each craft. An eight-page cover-weight foldout includes an overview of China with at-a-glance factsand appealing images. The additional project resources include simple Mandarin vocabulary and Chinesecharacter references, along with partial Mandarin translations throughout. Jam-packed with projects for all ages,the book's sturdy presentation has an attractive spine concealed in "bamboo" and handy inside-cover pocketsfor notes and ideas.


    Jennifer DeCristoforois an author, illustrator, teacher, designer, and crafter who has worked in illustration, giftproduct design, art education, and educational publishing. She has made many trips to Asia and is inspired dailyby her daughter, adopted from Jiangxi Province, China. She lives in Yarmouth, Maine.

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  • 8/12/2019 IPG Spring 2014 Kids' Arts & Crafts Titles



    Tango Books9781857078534Pub Date: 4/1/14Ship Date: 4/1/14$19.95/$21.99 Can.Discount Code: LONHardback / Pop-up book

    10 pagesCarton Qty: 24Ages 5 And Up, Grades KAnd UpJuvenile Nonfiction /ConceptsJNF013020

    8.000 in W | 8.000 in H |0.800 lb Wt203mm W | 203mm H |363g Wt

    Making ColorsA Pop-Up BookJames Diaz, Francesca Diaz

    Mix the two colors on each spread and see the result in each ingenious pop-up. Pull the tab on the final spreadto see primary and secondary colors and another special pop.


    James Diazis the coauthor of My First Jumbo Book of Letters, My First Jumbo Book of Shapes, and Popigami.Author Bio

    Tango Books9781857078275Pub Date: 4/1/13$19.95/$21.95 Can.Discount Code: LONHardback / Cloth overboards

    10 pagesCarton Qty: 32ArtART000000

    8.000 in W | 8.000 in H203mm W | 203mm H

    Making ShapesA Pop-Up BookJames Diaz, Francesca Diaz

    A visual lesson in the beauty of geometry and the complexity of simple- looking paper arts from two eminentpaper engineersShapes are central to art and in this book, James and Francesca Diaz have created seven shapes in threedimensions, and four others as flat image. The big graphic shapes are instructive and fascinating for everyone-from children to art students and collectors of pop-ups.


    Jamesand Francesca Diazare the authors of My First Jumbo Book of Letters, My First Jumbo Book of Shapesand Popigami.

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    Allen & Unwin9781743313695Pub Date: 4/1/14Ship Date: 4/1/14$16.99/$19.99 Can.Discount Code: LONHardback / Picture book

    32 pagesCarton Qty: 32Ages 3 to 5, Grades P to KJuvenile Fiction / Art &ArchitectureJUV003000

    7.000 in W | 9.500 in H178mm W | 241mm H

    Let's Paint!Gabriel Alborozo

    Warm, vibrant, and amusing, a joyous picture book exploration of the messy and marvelous world of art,encouraging all children to pick up a paint brush

    Whether one drips, dots, daubs-or carefully dabs-there is a wonderful world of art waiting to be explored, and

    this exuberant book reassures all children that art is for them. Elegantly tipping its hat to famous artists andartistic techniques, it explains to young readers that from exquisitely detailed paintings to crazy kaleidoscopes ofcolor, art is endlessly varied, and essential for everyone. Assuring children that there are no mistakes in art orcorrect way to make a painting, this book offers them the courage and inspiration to express their creativity.Let's paint!


    Gabriel Alborozohas worked in film, in the props department on the Star Wars movies and The Matrix, and foran animation company.

    Author Bio

    Random House UK9780224095556Pub Date: 5/1/14On Sale Date: 9/2/13Ship Date: 5/1/14$24.95/$29.95 Can.Discount Code: LONHardback / Cloth overboards

    160 pagesCarton Qty: 32Crafts & Hobbies / Crafts

    for ChildrenCRA043000Territory: Canada only

    7.000 in W | 8.500 in H |1.500 lb Wt178mm W | 216mm H |680g Wt

    Red Ted ArtCute and Easy Crafts for KidsMaggy Woodley

    From stone people to fabric mach bowls, more than 60 easy, fun craft projects for kids and parents of all agesUsing recycled and inexpensive materials, this book offers utterly irresistible things to make with your kids. Fromadorable peanut shell finger puppets to walnut babies, toilet paper roll marionettes, egg carton fairy lights, stickmen, shell crabs, and many more, these are projects for all the family to have fun with. The end results are socute and desirable that they look great around the home, or make wonderfully unique and personal gifts. With afunky, modern design and vibrant photography throughout, this is a must-have addition to every young family'sbookshelf.


    Maggy Woodleyis the creator of the popular craft blog Red Ted Art, and regularly crafts with her two children.She has also written craft columns for the Guardian.

    Author Bio

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    Michael O'Mara9781843175902Pub Date: 4/1/13$15.95/$17.95 Can.Discount Code: LONPaperback / softback /Trade paperback (US)

    128 pagesCarton Qty: 32Art / TechniquesART010000

    8.500 in W | 12.000 in H216mm W | 305mm H

    The Modern Art Doodle BookCreate Your Own MasterpieceMichael O'Mara Books

    More than 50 full-color reproductions of iconic pieces of art by modern artists, from Dal to Matisse toLichtenstein, for readers to completeEncouraging readers to awaken their creativity and emulate the imagination that lies behind every great work of

    art, this activity book contains iconic pieces of art for budding artists to complete in the style of the originalartists. It includes work from such greats as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Tamara de Lempicka, Paul Gauguin,Patrick Heron, Paul Klee, Ren Magritte, Joan Mir, Amedeo Modigliani, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Vincentvan Gogh, and more. Enlightening as well as enjoyable, each set of doodles is complemented by a mini-biographyof the artist, describing their backgrounds and inspirations. Doodlers can develop artistic skills they may notknow they had, and explore their own artistic imaginations, creating masterpieces along the way.


    Allen & Unwin9781742378657Pub Date: 4/1/14Ship Date: 4/1/14$24.95/$27.95 Can.Discount Code: LONPaperback / softback /Trade paperback (US)

    150 pagesCarton Qty: 16All Ages, Grades P And UpCrafts & Hobbies / Craftsfor Children

    CRA0430008.000 in W | 11.000 in H |1.880 lb Wt203mm W | 279mm H |853g Wt

    Lazing on a Sunday CrafternoonLittle Projects for People with Just a Little Time and Little SkillEliza Muldoon

    A year's worth of really simple Sunday afternoon craft projects for parents to u