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This presentation is done by QBurst. It gives a complete picture of the revolutionary iphone. The new SDK 3.0 features are explained. Different types of applications that are possible to be developed for iphone are listed along with the different third party tools and databases available for the development. Distribution of developed applications are possible through different channels. The presentation also covers those possibilities.


  • 1. iPhone Presentation by QBurst

2. iPhone What is it?Revolutionary phoneWide screen iPodBreakthrough Internet device 3. High Technology Features 3G o Uses HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access ) over UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) networks o Provides fast access to the Internet and email Multi-Touch o Uses a capacitive panel to sense any touch and the software enables flick, tap and pinch o Provides ability to control everything with fingers 4. High Technology - contd.. GPS o Uses information from the closest satellite to find locations o Provides directions, users location Accelerometer o Uses a silicon mass, a set of silicon springs, and an electrical current to register fluctuations and change display accordingly o Changes display accordingly when the user rotates iPhone 5. iPhone OS Layers & Frameworks Cocoa Touch Core ServicesUIKit Framework Address Book frameworkFoundation FrameworkCore Foundation frameworkAddress Book UIFramework CFNetwork frameworkCore Location frameworkSecurity framework MediaCore Audio frameworkOpenGL ES framework Core OSCore Animation frameworkthe kernel environmentCore Graphics frameworkMedia Player framework 6. iPhone SDK Provided by Apple Xcode- IDE (integrated development environment) provides Project management tools Powerful source editor Graphical debugger iPhone simulator- To run, test and debug the application Interface Builder- To assemble user interface Instruments- To analyze performance graphically 7. iPhone SDK 3.0Comes along with iPhone developer program 1000 new APIs In App Purchase offer additional services and get paid Apple Push Notification service keep users up to date Accessories create custom protocols Peer to Peer Connectivity play games between devices iPod Library Access access users music Maps 8. Cocoa Layer A set of object-oriented frameworks that provide a runtime environment for applications A part of development environment that helps to bring applications from design stage to deployment - Two Objective C frameworks UIKit framework -provides the objects an application displays inits user interface Foundation framework -defines the basic behavior of objects,establishes mechanisms for their management 9. Third Party Tools for AppDevelopment Phone gap - open source framework Google iUI - iPhone web apps framework Aptana Studio - iPhone web apps plugins iPhoney - iPhone Simulator Testiphone - iPhone Simulator 10. Available Databases SQLite Valentina PostgreSQL 11. Distribution Apple distributes apps in 3 ways App store- iPhone customers to discover and download Ad-hoc distribution-Apps are shared through email or posting in other servers Enterprise distribution- Apps are deployed within companies 12. Application Types Apps for managing money Apps for going out Apps for traveling Apps for around the house works Apps for getting things done Apps for fun and games Apps for working out 13. Apps A Few Examples SaveBenjis - Manage Money Mocha VNC Lite - Connect to PC/ Mac SportsTap - Sports portal Bejeweled - Puzzle game Absolute Fitness - Monitor workouts Many applications are added to App store everyday 14. For iPhone App Development Website: www.qburst.com Email: [email protected]