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SEO Outsourcing India our dedicated iPhone Game Developers are vastly experienced in the field of iPhone Game Development. We ensure that our workforce is capable of handling all your requirements


  • 1. 2011iPhone Game Development Rajiv Dave SEO Outsourcing India 12/22/2011

2. iPhone Game DevelopmentbySEOOutsourcing IndiaDeveloping games for iPhone is a very different and challenging experience than any othermobile platforms. The difference lies in its features like 3.5 inch wide screen, 3D processor,touch screen and its accelerometer makes the iPhone outstanding as well as complicated too.Game Development at SEO Outsourcing India - a wonderfulexperienceAfter facing many challenges successfully SEO Outsourcing India has developed iPhonegames which can be truly enjoyed at any place and any time. The iPhone game developersat SEO Outsourcing India take advantage of the outstanding features of its wide screen.Playing with touch screen is a totally unique experience. So our developers take goodadvantage of it and develop very innovative games for you. Adding to the fun the game canbe piloted horizontally or vertically because of the accelerometer.Using the latest technology in game development we bring you high performance of graphicsand rich audio experience. We deliver innovative animated games for the Mac and iPhone byutilizing expertise of our Mac development unit.Technology we use at SEO Outsourcing IndiaThe intensity and nature of the games decide the technologies used by game developers ofiPhone at SEO Outsourcing India. For making games for 2d mobiles we use Cocos2d-iPhone framework, because its a cost effective, and its an open source product. The Oolonggame engine used by the game developers at SEO Outsourcing India is very productive fordeveloping new games and is able to transport existing games to iPhone & iPod and thisgame engine is coded in C++ & Objective-C. Our game developers use a variety ofprogramming languages, frameworks and technological systems such as MAC platform,Cocoa? AppleScript, Objective C, etc.Services we provide includes iPhone Application development, Apple iPhone 3GSApplication Development, Hiring Programmers, iPhone Web Development, iPad AppDevelopment, and many more. The creation and redefinition of the niche market with thelaunch of the Apple iPhone and then the growing demand and popularity of the iPhone leadto the emergence of iPhone Game development as well as App Development. Its a servicesolution which enables the third party providers to develop iPhone applications which meetsthe requirements of the clients and the general needs of the market.SEO Outsourcing India has 4.5 years of experience in Apple Mac Apps development. Ourelite team has expertise in developing Mac Application and games Development for AppleiPhone & Touch iPod. As iPhone development is a newly developed area so finding aniPhone expert developer is a very tough job. At SEO Outsourcing India youll get to find 3. one of the most brilliant and experienced iPhone game developers. They have in depthknowledge of the operating system framework, iPhone simulators and Mad OS X frameworkalong with game development.Along with iPhone game development we also cover extra stuff like Business,Entertainment, Games, News, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, Weather, and much morefor our client.So if you want to partner with one of the first and best iPhone Game DevelopmentCompany for developing interactive games for iPhone and MAC, then contact us by givingyour name, email address, phone number and dont forget to mention the service and projecttype.=======================Thanking You================================